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Little Belle’s friends support shelter Bianca in Portugal

  Next week, on Tuesday 25th I will leave for Portugal. And Little Belle will be with me. The main goal is of course to bring Kintana  home.  But while I am there, I would also like to show Bianca the amount donated to their shelter via Little Belle her Magic Fund since last year. Read More

Very special news! Kintana…

Dear friends, I have something very special to share with you! Irene gives me the honor to tell you this news, especially because I am the one who led her to this dog. Do you remember Kintana? In June last year, she was rescued by Bianca in Portugal, the organization that also saved me! With Read More

Pawprints on my heart

What do I miss about Little Belle, the thrill I would get every time I saw her pictures. She left her pawprints on my heart. I talk to my Cassy every night, tell her how much I love her and miss her, then I tell her to give Little Belle a kiss and a hug Read More

And then, there she was…

At the moment that I met Little Belle… I had a hard time. I was heartbroken, and only traveling around the world could bring me some comfort. I cannot say it was a flight from life, as I enjoyed traveling too much for that, but there were a lot of setbacks, and unfortunate things, that Read More

Beautiful embroidery gifts

Thank you, Kim Connely-Goral and Terry Connely-Flores for your beautiful gifts. I am deeply touched by how you made these special bag, blanket, and sweater. Tears were in my eyes while I unpacked it, it’s really amazing. And when I realized that you also included Little Belle her (our) magical place, the beach, tears were Read More

A soul with a heart of gold

Little Belle There once was a dog named Little Belle A soul with a heart of gold Such a wonder, such a spirit And her story must be told Poor little one was treated cruelly No freedom, no care, no affection Suffering at the hands of an inhumane human Who offered no warmth or protection Read More

Dear Belle…

  Dear Belle, Today it’s already 4 weeks ago that we had to let you go… They say time flies, but for me, it still feels like yesterday. I would like to share something with you. Of course you already know…, but still, I like to write to you. For the very first time in Read More

Our family saying goodbye to Little Belle

Every member of our family had their own way of saying goodbye to Little Belle, some of them didn’t come close to her, they observed from a distance or even stayed in another room. That was all okay, they can always make their own decisions and they knew what was best for them at that Read More

Why we both had to let go…

  Dear friends, I know that many of you are wondering why we had to let go our dearly beloved Belle. Although we knew the day was coming, it still happened very suddenly. Today it’s 3 weeks ago that Belle passed away and the past weeks, I wasn’t able to write about the reason why Read More

My brand new very inspiring video

Hello my friends, I have a very special new video that I would like to share with you all. I know this video will touch your heart and probably some tears will flow… Happy tears for me, for my family, for life, for love  . I’ve been through a lot, but there is one thing I’ve Read More

Life is precious… I am a love warrior!

Dear friends, all your amazing support and wonderful  love means so much to me, Irene and my family. I cannot thank you enough for your friendship which is truly magical to us ♥ . I would like to say a few words about something we read. We know that many of you already know this, understand Read More

My current treatment

Since last week, Irene applies multiple times CBD oil and O3 gel on my tumor every day. She also applies colloidal silver. This way, we hope that the tumor first will stop growing and second that it will shrink. In addition, I get Turmeric Golden Paste, also something that shows promising results in dogs with Read More

Update about my health

Dear friends, I receive a lot of private messages about how I am doing and sometimes you can miss some of my Facebook posts, that’s why I will give you the links to some important posts: 2 maart: The first news about my new tumor 4 maart: How I will handle my Facebook page 7 maart: The growth of Read More

My calendar is ready for pre-order

I am very happy and proud with my very own Little Belle Calendar, I hope that you will love it as much as I do! You can find my calendar here: Little Belle Boutique   Read More

I am in the newspaper…

About 2 weeks ago we had a very nice interview about my family and I and today it was published in the local newspaper. It is beautifully written by Marijke Hendriks.Thank you! See the following link for the whole article in English : Article Read More

My beautiful Art Prints are available in my Boutique

Yes, my special art prints are available in my Little Belle Boutique! See: Oh, I wish I could fly with them, ‘see’ where they will go, to my dear magic friends all over the world. Such a special feeling to know that I will be a bit closer to you, all because I’ve captured Read More

Our new sister Lulu!

On Saturday, July 23, 17-year-old Lulu arrived at her forever home with us! Read more about her story here We are so very happy with her, we love her ♥ ! Read More

Little Belle necklaces and my own boutique!

Surprise! Do you remember my beautiful necklace? It was a wonderful gift of Nuria Campos from Costa Rica last year. The moment I shared this on my page, a lot of friends expressed they would love to have one. So, a few months ago it was possible to order them, but they were quickly sold Read More

Update about my book

I receive a lot of questions about my book lately… so nice! 🙂  I’m sorry I kept you all waiting so long for a new update. Somehow, it was pretty busy last month. Irene and I try to write as much as we can, sometimes we have a week where we aren’t able to write much, Read More

So many beautiful donations for my Birthday Fund!

For my 17th Birthday on May 5th, 2016, I created a special Birthday Fund and it turned out to be more special than I could ever imagine…  Read more here ! Read More

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