Differently abled



What do you see and how do you feel when you look at me? At Noeska with her wheelchair? How do you see dogs with disabilities? I believe that the word ‘disability’ is not even a good description, because why is it a handicap? Because humans see it this way?

I find differently abled a better description, but just ‘abled’, being able to, is also right. Because in the end we are all different and being able to do that what we can handle physically (and mentally).

Quality of life

What is the norm of quality of life? Unfortunately dogs who are different are often seen as sad, pathetic, as dogs who can’t live a good life and even that they suffer. Irene and I experience this a lot with people who give an opinion about me or my friends, even when we are nearby. For example we hear a lot “Oh how terrible for her, it’s so sad!’ And in the meanwhile I (or one of my friends) have a happy feeling because I enjoy my life so much. Quality of life does not depend on what you are capable of, but how you perceive and enjoy life.


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Via my website and Facebook page I want to raise awareness about the intrinsic value of dogs, their feelings, emotions and cognitive abilities. Each animal is an individual and has his own thoughts, emotions, feelings and values in life. Each animal is whole, unique and has a consciousness. Each animal has attention for himself, for his surroundings, in interacting with other animals and people. Each animal is part of a family and is experiencing relationships.

Let’s change our world together and see the intrinsic value of all animals and don’t think in limitations, but in possibilities, for each animal and human. One of my biggest dreams!




  • Susan Lee

    I had a Yorkie who only had 3 legs had cushings and a diabetic but he still enjoyed his life we managed to keep him for an extra 3 yrs and were so grateful for the time we had together. We still miss him 8 yrs on.

  • Meghan

    I have 2 sweet girls who are adjusting to life changes. One was attacked and is now paralyzed in her hind legs and needs to wear dialers. The other was stricken with diabetic ketoacidosis and a left mitral valve regurgitation and almost didn’t make it. Due to her diabetis she requires insulin twice a day at the same time along with heart medication. She has now become completely blind from her diabetis.
    My girls are so incredibly strong and resilient. They bring me so much joy and I couldn’t not imagine my life without them in it. They are such a blessing and I thank God for them every day!

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