Sentient being


We are all sentient beings, each one of us is unique and we all have an intrinsic value. How often is it that people can still look differently at animals, see them as less worthy. I believe that we are all equal with the same right to live and enjoy our lives.
Fortunately there are more and more people who know and feel that animals are sentient beings, with feelings and emotions. Animals can think, make choices and decisions. They have a memory, their own interests, preferences and desires, their own attention and curiosity.





In my family we love to go on adventures, exploring and experiencing the magic all around us. In the world of dogs and people there is still a lot of focus on behavior and especially on controlling behavior. Their lives together are mostly based on desired behavior and often by following a method or protocol.
When a dog must above all meet the needs and expectations of humans, then how can they (and the human too) really be authentic, be themselves?

It feels amazing when I go out together with my family, explore and discover our surroundings, the world around us. It is beautiful when you can learn and experience together, in an equal dialogue, enjoying a shared life.



A true relationship asks for equality and freedom in expressing our own expressions and desires. From each his own experience, initiative and inner feeling and motivation. To be truly yourself!




  • Michelle Albrecht

    I have never been able to really express how I feel about all of God’s creatures. You just did it for me. Thank you and God bless you and all you fur babies.

  • Marysia

    ? I just love what you do for your delightful family. You are a wonderful example for others to follow. I wish all the best in the future for you and your lovely little family ❤️

  • Robert Bruno

    Lovely words and a lovely philosophy!

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