Noeska ♥


Collage Noeska Voorstellen


My biggest friend ever is no longer with us… Noeska did pass away at March 4 2015. Almost 15 years she was part of our family.

In June 2000, Noeska and Irene came into each others life. They had a wonderful time together, but Irene was wondering if Noeska would like to have a (canine) friend. So she started to look in local shelters, but couldn’t find a dog that matched with Noeska. One day she was looking on the Internet and suddenly she was deeply touched by a picture of Simba, a dog from Spain. It opened a whole new door, which led to many more friends, and special places.

Let me tell you something more about Noeska. She was really big, but at the same time so soft. When I first met her almost 5 years ago, she immediately gave me a good feeling. Irene often called her ‘teddy bear’ and her big friend, they had a very strong bond together. Almost 2,5 years ago Noeska her hindquarter became less strong and finally she got paralyzed. Since then she had a wheelchair. Right from the beginning she was very happy with her wheels, drove around a lot, exploring and enjoying the world in a different way.  She could go very fast, running with her friends, together with Irene, going uphill and downhill and she especially loved the water and swimming. So Irene loved to go swimming with her, as you can see in the pictures. One time Irene took me with her on their swimming trip and I got to see the two of them together… It was beautiful to watch, so much love, joy and fun together. This will always be a very special memory, for always palpable.

In the last weeks of Noeska’s life she was becoming weaker, she had more difficulty with standing and walking in the wheelchair.  And then, one morning, she suddenly had a high fever. With medication, her temperature eventually  got down a bit, but she remained too weak…  Irene had to make the hard decision to let her go.
Noeska was lying with her head on Irene her lap and Irene told her, with intense emotion,  that she had to let her go… At that moment, Noeska did something that made a very deep impression. Although all this time she was too weak to lift her head, she looked Irene straight into her eyes, lift her head and gave her two warm soft licks in her face…  telling her that it was okay … With tears in Irene her eyes and in her heart, she held Noeska in her arms and embraced by love Noeska went to the other side …

Thank you beautiful Noeska for who you were (and still are), for being in our lives, to make our hearts whole, you were and always will be very special  ♥




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