Meet Stefan! This beautiful strong little guy arrived in February 2016 at our home, his forever family!

Stefan is almost 7 years old and for about a year he lived in a foster home in Serbia. His hind legs are paralyzed, probably caused by a hard blow or a car accident. He was found in a factory in Serbia where puppies were poisoned. Other dogs were attacking him and he couldn’t defend himself or find food to stay alive. He was found in the dark and really scared.
They made x-rays and it was obviously he had spine injury. The damage caused pressure in his spine and this was painful, so he needed an operation. They also hoped that his hind legs would improve after the operation, but that didn’t happen.

The most important is that he enjoys life and he is certainly loving and living life fully! He is such a special strong little man. We love him very much ♥

Belle4 - Stefan

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