Little Belle’s friends support shelter Bianca in Portugal


Next week, on Tuesday 25th I will leave for Portugal. And Little Belle will be with me. The main goal is of course to bring Kintana  home.  But while I am there, I would also like to show Bianca the amount donated to their shelter via Little Belle her Magic Fund since last year.

The total amount that is donated on the Magic Fund page is almost already entirely spend to Little Belle her food and medical care and previous 30% donations to Bianca. So, it’s about the 30% part of the donations that were given since the last update in December. And there were so many again for which we are immensely grateful.
I will give a new update on the Magic Fund in August because I like to surprise Bianca with the amount we raised together.

It will be wonderful to support Bianca again with all the great work they do for so many dogs in need. They can really need all the help they can get.
If Little Belle her friends would like to contribute to this beautiful cause and make a donation that will go 100% to Bianca, please donate to her Magic Fund with the note that your donation is entirely for Bianca (no PayPal account is needed): Little Belle’s Magic Fund
If you have a PayPal account, you can also donate directly to . Also please add a note that it is for Bianca.
This all is possible until Sunday, July 23th.

It would be wonderful if we can raise the amount, so we can continue to support dogs like Belle, Kintana, Noir, Valentin, Vela, Lani, Pluma… and so many more dogs in need.

Can you see Little Belle her wonderful smile? Knowing that we will continue to help the shelter that rescued her. Because of them, she found her forever family with us. And we both found the love of our lives. Each other 
Irene, Little Belle’s mom

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  • ana

    hi irene. i want to send a donation to bianca: little belle magic fund.
    i do not see the link. could you help me?

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