Hi, I am Little Belle! I love to inspire people by sharing how I perceive and experience life. Although I have no visual sight, I can still see feelingly, enjoy life and have a good quality of life. I will give you an insight into my world by telling you about my adventures, my thoughts and feelings. Especially about the magic of life!

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I also have a mission; by sharing my vision about dogs who are differently-abled I hope to bring more awareness in the world to look differently at dogs with ‘handicaps.’

I have lived in the Netherlands since 2011. Here I’m part of a beautiful family, where I enjoy life to the full. My life began in Portugal where I was born in 1999. For almost 12 years I lived in a puppy mill, I’ve had a lot of puppies and my ‘home’ was a cage. Here you can read the rest of my story.

Do you know what Little Belle literally means? Little Beautiful. Besides being little and of course beautiful, my website is also about the beautiful little things in life. Since February 2015, I have had my own Facebook page, and later also an Instagram page, where I share with all my friends how I enjoy all the beautiful little things in my life and with each other as a family.

How beautiful is it that by sharing my adventures, my life, I inspire many people not only to look differently at dogs who are differently-abled, but also at life itself. People say that with my loving and shining spirit, I touch their hearts and bring joy to many lives.

I wish you happy reading and lots of magical inspiration!

For questions or other wishes, please contact us via Contact 


In 2017, in memory of Little Belle, we started Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary: https://littlebellesmagicalsanctuary.org/

As you danced in the light with joy, love lifted you.
As you brushed against this world so gently, you lifted us.

05-05-1999      25-04-2017

On April 25th, 2017, our dearly beloved Belle passed away: A star in the sky

Here you can read more about the reason why we had to let her go: Why we both had to let go

And pictures of our family saying goodbye: Our family saying goodbye to Little Belle

Together we will continue with her mission, her legacy lives on through all of us and she will keep inspiring us with her strong warrior spirit. Her passion for life, love, hope, and magic is a never-ending story.

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