Very special news! Kintana…

Dear friends, I have something very special to share with you! Irene gives me the honor to tell you this news, especially because I am the one who led her to this dog. Do you remember Kintana? In June last year, she was rescued by Bianca in Portugal, the organization that also saved me! With my Magic Fund, your donations, we were able to help Kintana with her care, especially with the operations she needed. Today, I want to tell you the magical news that Kintana will be joining my family soon! 🙂

It’s a very special story… End of January this year, Irene decided to adopt Kintana. This beautiful dog touches her heart so deeply, that she just followed her heart, as always. Because Kintana needed another operation in January we wanted to wait a while to share this news with you.
But, not long after this, they found the tumor on my jaw… And from then on, everything changed.
Irene was asking herself the question why she adopted Kintana because she wanted to spend all the time with me that we had left together. I knew, but couldn’t tell her that time. She needed to find the answer herself.

A few weeks after I transitioned to the other side, Irene suddenly realized it was me who he led her to Kintana. She almost wouldn’t have adopted another dog again, I watched and felt her unbearable pain and she told me she just couldn’t handle it again and again… Í know her so well, that’s why I helped her.
I know it can still feel sometimes as too soon for her, but I know there is plenty more room in Irene her heart for other dogs in need (and there are so many who need help). Okay, I have to admit, although I am very tiny I have the biggest place her heart 🙂 . But…, I love a lot of other beautiful ones beside me ♥ .

You can read more about Kintana here: Kintana’s story

My magic is working, my friends, can you feel it? ♥
And I smile 🙂


  • S. Dormsjo

    Little Belle, your special brand of magic can still be felt! How wonderful that another sweet dog will be adopted by Irene! Kintana will be a much loved member of your pack!

  • Lorna

    How wonderful! Your spirit will be around forever “Liitle Belle” – your magic lives on. I am so pleased Irene has a new friend, she has such a big heart & does so much good. Xx

  • Ewa Maria

    Little Belle I am full of admiration for you and what you do for dogs.I love all dogs and animals.I have a third dog.I have trouble walking but I try to live somehow.I know all the stories you post on their websites. I wish you and your charges of joy and happiness. Ewa

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