Our family saying goodbye to Little Belle

Every member of our family had their own way of saying goodbye to Little Belle, some of them didn’t come close to her, they observed from a distance or even stayed in another room. That was all okay, they can always make their own decisions and they knew what was best for them at that moment. And I knew that some had already said their goodbye earlier. The past few weeks (months actually) they were very well aware of what was going on with Belle and we communicated with each other about and with Belle to express our feelings and thoughts.

I am not able to write the whole story with each picture because of very deep emotions, so I will just give some short descriptions, but I think all the photos speak for themselves…


After Belle passed away, I sat all evening with her on the chair by the window. At one point, I felt it was the right time to give the others also the possibility to say their goodbyes to her. So, I knelt down on the floor, still holding my little girl (I couldn’t ‘let her go’ yet) and then this happened;

First, Lulu (who is blind) lay down next to us…


Then she came closer

Benji came closer from the other side:

Jessie watched from a distance:

And also Stefan preferred to watch from his spot:

Then, Emi, one of Belle’s closest friends, came very close, touching Belle:

All her expressions say enough…

Stefan is still watching us, thinking and feeling, processing…

I couldn’t believe that she was gone. I still can’t…

How are Little Belle’s sisters and brothers feeling now?
They are okay and I will try to write more about them soon.

Irene, Little Belle’s mom ♥
With Lulu, Jessie, Emi, Stefan, Benji, Simba, Tualek, Twix and Robert


  • Lisa robinson

    Omg so so sad I miss little belle each and every day she was such a little angel beautiful perfect and so so special and cute so hard not seeing little belles updates and beautiful pictures must be so so hard for you Irene could not even imagine how you feel and little belles siblings all saying good bye in their own way bless them all. Think of you always little belle hope you have settled up in heaven and watching over Irene and your siblings god bless you sweet and lots of love to u miss you little belle xxxxx

  • joan

    Little Belle is now in the hands of the angels.Irene, I do believe that you were her angel. You gave such love and you have such a goodness in your heart. All your family members are lucky to have such a gentle and kind Mom. I know that when we love our pets with all our hearts that the pain we feel when they leave us can be heartbreaking!! xo

  • Yuri

    I am deeply touch by sadness while I see each of the pictures, it is incredibly how dogs and animals in general can understand the passing of a friend or family…it brings sad memories, those memories when I had to let go my sweet Milo, almost three years ago, LULU and MILKY watched the whole moment…been really quiet and once Milo was gone I let them smell him so they can say their goodbye…I cannot forget of that very day, October 25th 2014…my heart was crush in thousands of pieces…since then I have never been the same…I miss him so much…I know how you feel…my dogs are my whole world, they are my kids, and they will be forever ???

  • Carin

    Dit zijn hele diepe emoties die je met ons deelt lieve Irene❤❤

  • Hermien Woudstra

    Irene,wat een verdriet…als ik naar de foto’s kijk,voel ik de narigheid weer toen we 2 jaar gleden onze lieve Max moesten laten gaan.Het is zo aangrijpend,en voor jou zal het helemaal impact hebben omdat Belle zo’n geschiedenis van ellende heeft.Gelukkig heeft ze een hele fijne tijd gehad bij jou,laat dat een troost voor je zijn. Liefs,Hermien.

  • Rosemary

    Sending love to you and your family xxx

  • Lenie

    Veel sterkte Irene met het verwerken van het verlies van Belle… ♥️

  • Cynthia

    Dearest Irene.

    I can hardly write this. The love and compassion that you have shown this little soul has touched me and many others so deeply. You are an amazing woman and I will forever envision you together when I think about you or Little Belle. My heart aches for you and your family but I know in time you will be able to look back at all the good things you did for her. She will be your angel until you are reunited. Many blessings to you and your family.

  • Susan

    ???????❤️??????ohhhhh Irene. Talk later. I can’t Sorry

  • Joyce Boss

    Thank you for sharing this special moment! Little Belle found true love with you and your family! Our dogs are family! Hugs to you!

  • Brandy

    I have been following bella’s story for awhile now and u are one of a kind. I wish there was more ppl like you in this world. I have always wanted to buy my own house and do what u are doing. I love my dogs more than life itself. They are my babies. U are my hero…. Bella was so blessed to have u as her hero. After all that she went through i her life before you saved her from the hell whole that she lived in. God Bless u Irene. She is heaven waiting for u. Just know that she is not in any pain anymore.

  • Sharon Maeder

    As I’m writing this, I’m crying as my heart is breaking for you. Irene, you and Little Belle had such a beautiful connection. When I lost my precious Rocco last August, I sat in the room and held him in my arms for hours. I just couldn’t let him go. So I know exactly how you are feeling. I miss him so much. Does not seem to get much easier. Try and stay strong and God bless you.

  • horace marshall

    hurts so much. ???

  • Joanna Marshall

    Oh my dear Irene that pic of you with your hand over your face started me bawling again and also Emi’s reaction – heart breaking. Im in bits and I never met Belle I can’t stop wanting to help you and I can’t 🙁
    Take care of yourself and Belle’s dear friends they need you too. Why don’t you have a beach day and sit by the calming waves and think of your dear girl.Let it out cry n cry n cry but feel in aplace clise to her but she’s always close cos she’s in your heart and will never leave.
    Thinking of you all always
    JoJo xxxxxxxxx

  • Gabriella Kispal

    Dear Irene!
    I feel honoured that you shared it with me, with all of us!
    We are all heartbroken ?!
    We loved that beautiful little girl so much!!!
    Thinking of you and Belle every day!
    Sending healing thoughts to you and all the other wonderful babes!

    Lots of love
    Gabriella ????????

  • anita rebel

    Wat mooi en fijn dat je ook dit wilt en kunt delen Irene. En wat moet het een heerlijk gevoel zijn dat jullie zo geliefd zijn.Respect en liefs..

  • Miguel Castro


  • Andrea Corcoran - Hermey

    May peace come to you Irene. There are not very many words that can express how much my heart hurts for you.
    You and your beautiful family are loved so much. Little Belle was such a wonderful blessing. I am so very grateful that I was able to know her even though it was through the computer I can honestly say that she touched me deeply.
    Thank you for sharing her.

    Love and Peace to you,

  • H.R. Fuss

    Little Belle, I didn’t know you well, but i saw you and your nice mom (i call her like that because i feel it that way) taking care of you with so much compassion and understanding and dignity. I fell in love with you and your mom…, i mean emotionally…Because it happens to me, when i see a human doing nice and warm things for dogs and animals. Your mom is a good person for animals and the way she does it, is deep and warm. I also feel love for you little Belle, because it has many reasons and it started when i was a little child of 2 years old. I saw many things i wish i did’t seen, what humans do to dogs (and other animals) in foreign countries and of course here in Europe. This is a reason why i falling in love with humans like your momy. Because i see and saw, that you where in good hands and your little hart full of willpower. I will cry for you and i am scared when my little big dog Spike will die too one day…I am scared, so scared. I hope he will die in good hands at home, with love and dignity in my arms. I hope. I hope i can buy a house for me and my son and for my love, the dog, the best friend a man/woman can have as a friend. So he can have a place in my garden, where i will plant a tree, so i know he is there. And when i die, i can put him with me in the same coffin. Little Belle, i hope you are in a place where you are fine and comfi and safe, looking up or down to your momy. I hope you can tell your mom, that you are o.k. And that you are one of the luckyiest dogs in the world, the day you met Irene…Because you know, it could of been different. Life is like winning the lottery or not. I hope your mom hears you. I hope you are o.k. I give you a kiss and a friendly hugh to you, wherever you are…And Irene…, to you the strongest wishes you have, that will come to you, with love and care. And the other dogs, i wish they have their own way to deal with this loss. They have emotions and feelings of sadness…I hope they recover, with love and affection and walks in time. Because they are beautifull like you, Belle…
    Hiki Komori

  • Sebastiaan

    Hoe mooi en dapper en sterk dat je dit allemaal doet en laat zien… ik heb diepe respect voor je
    het is een zware taak om ons op de hoogte te brengen van het hele proces, en het allemaal nog een keertje mee te moeten maken. Ik vind het bijzonder mooi om te zien hoe je de andere familie leden hierbij betrekt.
    Je bent een gevoelsmens Irene, dat is wel duidelijk, soms is gevoel niet het leukste maar het is soms ook wat het is… triest maar waar. Sta stil bij het verdriet maar verdrink er niet in en geniet ook van alle andere familieleden, ook die verdienen wat extra aandacht na het missen van Belle. Het lijkt me niet makkelijk maar ik denk dat ook Belle dat zou willen. ik hoor haar zeggen, geef de anderen maar net zoveel als dat je mij hebt gegeven, belle is je dankbaar en dat zullen de anderen ook zijn. Liefde is sterk….

  • Kris Nicolai

    Lieve Irene,
    Als ik deze foto’s zie, voel ik jouw pijn en verdriet…
    Het is allemaal nog zo vers, zo pas gebeurd, en toch denk ik dat dit schrijven over je Kleine Prinsesje dat de grote overtocht maakte, je ‘n beetje helpt om ‘t leed van je af te schrijven….
    Ik vind ‘t overigens zooooooooo ontzettend moedig van je, dat je zo open je diepste gevoelens met ons deelt…
    Aan de foto’s te zien, hebben Little Belle’s hondenzusjes en -broertjes ‘n even groot verlies geleden
    Maar dan hebben ze natuurlijk weer jou, bij wie ze in veilige en warme armen troost kunnen vinden…..
    En ik hoop echt dat jij voelt dat wij hier met vele 1000-den achter je staan, klaar om je op te vangen, je tranen te drogen, je spreekwoordelijk te omarmen en knuffelen ?????????

  • Carol Atkinson

    Dear Irene, I find it almost impossible to write. Little Belle’s life story has touched every part my heart. It was incredibly brave to share these precious photos where her brothers and sisters were saying their goodbyes. Belle will always be in my heart and I will look for her shining brightly amongst the stars. Thank you x

  • Rossillol Catherine

    Je ne trouve pas les mots!!! C’est si triste!!

  • sharon keenan

    What a beautiful way to say goodbye to your darling. I know how difficult it is as I have been through it many times and let my dogs and cats come up to say goodbye after the passing.. They understand what is happening and the most gracious thing that you could do was to let each say goodbye in his/her own way. Metta and love to you Irene. Little Belle will always be with you, safely tucked inside your heart where no harm will ever come to her.


  • Jennifer Collins

    It’s wonderful to see the different ways Little Belle’s family reacted to her passing. They are no different from humans because they too have deep feelings of love and friendship. I’m sure they all miss our little angel, especially Emi as she and Little Belle were so close. Poor little Stefan looked so confused but hopefully, he is beginning to adjust.

    Thank you Irene for sharing your personal feelings with us so that we too can mourn with you . It’s true that I never met Little Belle in person but she managed to find a little place in my heart where she now lives on. She is a little angel to us all and what is so wonderful is that she can now see us all as she looks down from heaven. We see you too Little Belle.
    Love you Irene.

  • Denise

    Sometimes it is very hard to let go of the one you love so much. Little Belle looked so small in your hands I couldn’t believe someone that small went through so much. She was an inspiration to everyone that you can be a survivor. She gave us all hope. The world misses her dearly and she will never be forgotten. Her brothers and sisters understand what pain she went through and that she is at peace now. They know that they are safe with you Irene and Robert and that Little Belle would be very proud of you to still show that love again to someone like her. She is your Angel above and you are her loving family she will never forget.

  • EileenE

    Dear Irene, I hope that all the messages here reflect right back to you the love that you gave to Little Belle and all your dogs and family. And that love will help you to go on to help other animals and perhaps add to your family – please note I write ‘add’, not replace. xxxx

  • Poi Poh Wong

    Dear Irene, it’s still heartbreaking whenever I think about your beloved girl, Little Belle. I always watch her videos on youtube and even downloaded the videos… I do have the same feeling as you are having now since I lost my beloved fur kid recently. Belle does remember you and appreciate you for giving her so much love and care. I used present tense as we beleive that her soul is still around though she had passed away. She can feel the love you are giving her, the grief you are having over her, the beautiful memorial you are giving her… just like what I’m giving my deceased fur kid. They can feel… Anyway we still hope that time can soften our sorrow. We need to carry on with our lives. Too much grief is bad for your health, Irene. Please take good care of yourself. God bless you.

  • Anne

    I miss Little Belle every single day and have shed tears for her every day. RIP little one…

  • Emma Collins

    Such precious photos- heart breaking yet beautiful. Dogs are so very sensitive and giving them the chance to say goodbye to little Belle was, I’m sure, a very special moment for you all. I know your pain burns deep Irene, the last photo holds no secrets. My heart is with you- I will never forget your beautiful little girl. xx

  • Lois Sartori

    Thank you, Irene, for sharing these precious moments with us. I am crying tears of sadness at the loss of Belle, of joy, for the happiness and positivity she brought, and gratitude that I had the opportunity to meet, if only on the internet, Littlr Belle and her beautiful family.

  • Dorothy Smith

    Dear Irene, My heart goes out to you. I wish I could give you a big hug!!! I know what you are going through. I to lost my Brewster in my arms. I carried him around for a year. He couldn’t walk and had to wear diapers. The vet didn’t know why he was still here.He was eating still very good. The vet said he just did want to leave me. I guess he didn’t know what love was and when I rescued him he wasn’t going to leave his good life. When he left I know the pain and my other animals mourned too. That is our job here on earth. Someone has to take care of God’s animals. One day we’ll all see our fur babies again. The part that hurts in the beginning was I had empty arm’s. I was so use to having him with me everywhere. That was hard on me the most. I just had to learn to live with the heart atherche. It’s been over two years now . Reading you and Little Belle’s adventures brought it all back. Thank you for sharing your stories with the world. Little Belle brought all of us together for a reason. we have to keep doing our jobs and take care of God’s animals. We all love you and your family and Little Belle. She’ll always be in all of our hearts!!!! God Bless!!!!!!

  • Carole Croteau

    You are truly a beautiful person. Little belle is certainly curled up next to you trying to comfort you and her siblings in your grief. I pray you sense her. It’s the most precious gift in the world to smell or feel a loved one who has passed. ❤️❤️

  • Fran Elliott

    Praying for all of you to find peace in the loss of Little Belle, Sharing this with all of the family was so heartbreaking especially Emi! Little Belle will forever be in my heart and I only knew her through this page on facebook. Tonight I cry again but thank you for sharing your story and your grief. Bless you for all the love and goodness you give to every member of your family.

  • Janet

    I rarely open fb now…..only to find your stories Irene!
    How wonderful of you to give Belle’s family special time together….the pictures tell the entire story, no words needed. Thank you again!

  • Van Der Eecken Nancy

    Tanen van verdriet . Verdriet om Belleke maar ook verdriet bij het zien van jouw verdriet en de hondjes . Belleke was omringd met zo veel liefde en dit heeft ze onwaarschijnlijk wel gevoeld Irene. . Zelf na haar heengaan heeft ze de tijd gekregen om zachtjes over de regenboogbrug te gaan . Respect . Nancy

  • Irene Huntley

    I feel so sad, as I write this Thankyou Irene for Sharing these moments with Us. Our Precious LittlezBelle So loved by all of The World . She Truly is aSpecial Angel, Loved You Irene aLove Warrior. I’ll miss Her Forever, .and She’ll Watch Over You Always . Irene. a Hero to Everyone and All Her Friends. . She Inspired Me with Her Happy Nature And Love of The Sea , The scent of the Flowers , Your Great Adventures …We learned A lot More About Loving , ,. an Sharing Amongst So Many people… She Will Be In My Life, I Know As Long as I breathe.. A little Princess Little Belle will Be Part of Your Heart an You to Hers , Love to You Both Irene . Your a Very Special Lady ,Your Also an Angel to All these Adorable Animals . God Bless You And Your Dearest Family Always Irene.You Are In Our Hearts Forever and Ever…………….

  • Nancy Clark

    Oh wee Belle I miss you so much. You were such an isperation. Your wee family loved you so much I can see that in their eyes. Irene Wee Belle loved you soooo much as did you her. She will wait patiently for you at Rainbow Bridge and when you meet again she will see you as the beautiful person you are . Xx

  • Vicki Evans (Gertrude & Amos mom)

    I’m so happy u let ur other pets say goodbye! They have feeling too and it is so wonderful u acknowledge that. Little Belle was their sibling and they needed that opportunity just like we parents do. Thanks for loving that little girl so much! Hopefully all ur love erased all her early hardships from her memory and gave her a wonderful life and beautiful passing.

  • Kajsa Burling

    Thanks for sharing these heart felt photos Irene. So moving.
    I hope you are doing well Irene. My thoughts and prayers have been with you & your family.
    Hoping your heartbreak is easing a bit. I know it is so hard and it takes time. Everyone has their own time.
    Just wanting to let you know how Little Belle affected our lives. Showing great strength and how love overcomes.
    Thank you for sharing her journey with us.
    Forever family.

  • Anna Disco

    Irene, as a nurse working in child birthing for more than 25 years, I have taken many photos of a siblings greeting a newly born baby. Somehow seeing these photos of the reactions of your animals to Little Belle’s passing seem equally as poignant and sacred. Each animal finding their own way to “explore” and trying to understand with sight, sound and smell what has happened to her. Thank you for sharing with so many of us–with what is oftentimes a very deep and personal time of grieving. We who love you and Belle cannot perhaps express proper “gratitude” but I for one want to send you mine and with– of course– a generous helping of LOVE…

  • Anneke Bruil-Lindeman

    Lieve Irene,

    Wat een vertederende foto’s. Zo te zien hebben Lulu, Jessie, Emi, Stefan, Benji, Simba Tualek, Twix en Robert allemaal op hun eigen manier afscheid genomen van de lieve kleine Belle.
    Emi op de foto’s heeft het er ook duidelijk moeilijk mee. Wat mooi en lief dat je deze emotionele momenten met ons wilt delen. Je ziet jouw strijd tegen de tranen en ook het verdriet van Belle’s heengaan.
    Maar ze was ook heel speciaal en heeft ieders hart veroverd. Zoveel liefde die jij en haar roedel haar hebben gegeven is voor ons niet met pen te beschrijven.
    Heel veel sterkte met de verwerking en mijn respect is heel groot voor jou.
    Dikke knuffel ❤️???????❤️?

  • Betsy

    Irene, ik weet niet wat ik moet zeggen. Nog nooit heb ik een relatie tussen mens en hond gezien of meegemaakt zoals Belle en jij hadden. Zo intens. Zo diep. Ik ben stapelgek met mijn honden, maar die relatie is niet zo intens.
    Ik ben er van overtuigd dat het geen toeval is dat jullie elkaar gevonden hebben.
    Twee (oude) zielen die bij elkaar hoorden.
    Belle was een wonder. Meer dan bijzonder.
    Ik hoop voor je dat je na je verdriet je realiseert dat je iets heel bijzonders heb mogen meemaken. Dat fb volgers hebben gehuild toen zij hoorden dat Belle the rainbow bridge overgestoken was. De meesten hadden Belle nooit ontmoet. Echt Belle was een wonder.

  • Laura Phelps

    My heart is heavy. March 24th I had to put my little dog Trixie to sleep. She would have been only 8 May 13th. I held her for sometime after. I just couldn’t let her go. She was my rock. She gave me a reason to go on, and now she’s gone. She was my world. Your little Belle what a champ! I’m so sorry for your loss. I miss Trixie & talk to her daily. The pain is almost unbearable. ? ?

  • Emily Whitton

    You gave her such a wonderful life, full of love and comfort. I hope in time you can take comfort from that. May you all find peace and joy again with each other.

  • Clare

    Oh Irene, thank you for sharing so much with us. I feel so heartbroken for you, you are such a loving and beautiful person… God be with you always

  • Ann

    Thank you Irene, for sharing this.

    You are in my thoughts all the time, I hope you find peace.
    Belle’s friends all feel your pain. Hug eachother everyday.

    Irene, you have warmed my heart, by sharing Belle’s story.
    You are a wonderful, and caring person. So special.

    Sending you love,

  • Susan mcivor

    ???????❤️??????ohhhhh Irene. Talk later. I can’t Sorry

  • claire capitano lowe

    All I can say is, my heart aches for you and your family. I feel that ache too since my recent loss of my Cassy. Watch the clouds Irene like I so every day. I know one day I will see a sign from my girl too. Love you

  • Shawn Nolen

    Irene..my heart breaks to see all of the anguish all of you were going thru….It was so kind of you to let each fur sibling say their good byes. They grieve the same as humans and will share with feelings as they know you are heart broken. Dogs are such wonderful, loving creatures…and Little Belle was a very special soul. Sending hugs and smiles to you and all family members. Keep your eyes and heart open for signs from your little girl…she will show you.

  • Linda Dieter

    Omg, the emotions break my heart. Emi, I see how you are processing what has happened. Everyone has their own way, their own time. Little Belle was so loved, it’s so hard. I love you Little One and I will never forget you.

    Irene, I am so sorry for your pain?
    I pray for you every day! Take care!

  • Suzsnne

    Having had to go through this multiple times over the years I truly understand. The photos are touching and heart wrenching and beautiful and sad. Bless you and your family and RIP sweet little Belle now an angel watching over you??⭐️⭐️???❤️

  • Gail

    Thank you for sharing about Little Belle. I have been following from another friend who shares with me. She was truly a treasure and had a treasure in you to be her Mom.

  • Lisa

    Dearest Irene, I often forget we’ve never met in person and that you live so far away. Again, I’ve been caught off guard and never expected to experience such raw emotions. Little Belle has exposed me to a new depth of feeling. Thank you for sharing your family’s intimate moments. Genuine LOVE. It’s an honor. You are a beautiful woman with so much courage. ~lots of love

  • marMmarMargmaret Huskins

    Love, strength and wonderful memories for you. We all miss Belle so much, you were her angel here and now she is with the angels in heaven. I feel your pain, as you know, we are dealing we our beloved Kobi’s loss. Sending heartfelt sympathy to you all. xo

  • WWally Huberally HuberWWally Huberally Huber

    Sending hugs and prayers to you and all those saddened by the passing of Little Belle. She is now your Angel watching over all of you until you meet again.

  • RevaReva

    I am so glad you allowed your family to say goodbye. A long time when I lost one of my first dogs, it was heartbreaking to watch my other dog look out the door and seem to wait for her for a couple of weeks. So after that, we have always given all the dogs a chance to say goodbye. In recent years we have had our dogs cremated, but before that is done, we take them home and have a kind of wake, much like what it appears you have done. I may have mentioned that we lost our Fiona on May 5th. We took her home and gave the dogs a chance to say goodbye. Muffin doesn’t even like to go into the same room and will look from a doorway. Bella walked up and smelled her, but thunder is our “nurse dog” and tries to fix all ills. He nudged her and gently pawed at her. He looked sad and confused, but after a little while came to an understanding. Last year when we lost our Hadley, who Thunder adored from the first day they met, he licked his face trying to wake him up. It was very sad, but I think it has always offered closure for the the living pets at home. My husband and I have always said that if we still have pets when we pass, the dogs need to have that same closure. We want them to make peace with the loss and move on, and if they don’t know what happened, it seems to take much longer.

  • Silvie Veenstra

    Sterkte Irene! Heel veel sterkte!

  • Sophie Vanbelle

    Het is zo vertederend te zien hoe jullie elk op zijn manier afscheid genomen hebben van lieve Little Belle, respect voor jou Irene, dat je die mooie, intieme foto’s met ons wil delen, weet dat we zoals iemand reeds gezegd heeft, dat we met vele duizenden achter jou en je familie staan en steunen, spreekwoordelijk omhelzen en knuffelen. Liefs Sophie

  • Maria van den Brink

    Tears are falling now, my heart is breaking (again).
    I know this…. the way brothers and sisters say goodbye to their beloved sister (or brother).
    But so very, very brave of you Irene to let us be part of this.
    She will always be loved and never forgotten just as she will always be with you and gives you strength.

  • Gabriele Kibat

    Liebe Irene, ich lese schon sehr lange deine Kommentare hier und ich fand es immer sehr schön die Liebe zwischen dir und der süßen Belle zu spüren. Ich leide mir dir und ich kann nachempfinden wie es ist ein geliebtes Tier, einen Freund, ein Familienmitglied zu verlieren. Es tut mir im Herzen weh zu lesen wie sehr ihr alle leidet und ich muss bei jedem Beitrag mit weinen. Little Belle wird immer fehlen denn die große Liebe zwischen euch war etwas besonderes aber sie wird auch immer bei euch sein, in euren Herzen und in euren Gedanken. Fühl dich lieb gedrückt uns pass auf dich und deine kleine Familie gut auf. Eurer Engel Belle wird dies garantiert machen, sie wacht über euch von ihrer kleinen Wolke.
    Liebe Grüße Gabi Kibat

  • Sarah van Goethem

    Just this side of Heaven, is a place called the RAINBOW BRIDGE. When a pet dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to the RAINBOW BRIDGE.  There are meadows and hills for all our special friends, so they can run and play together.  There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.  All the animals that were old or ill are restored to health and vigour.  Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times.Just this side of Heaven, is a place called the RAINBOW BRIDGE. When a pet dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to the RAINBOW BRIDGE.  There are meadows and hills for all our special friends, so they can run and play together.  There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.  All the animals that were old or ill are restored to health and vigour.  Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times.

    The animals are happy and content except for one small thing — they each miss someone special to them who had to be left behind.  They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance.  Their bright eyes are intent, their eager bodies quiver.  Suddenly the one who stopped begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.  YOU have been spotted and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to  be parted again.  The happy kisses rain upon your face, your hands again caress the belovèd head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.  Then you cross the RAINBOW BRIDGE together.

    “But what”, you may ask, “of those those animals that have never known human love, never had a human friend they could trust, animals who have been abandoned, abused, kicked, beaten, served as food — where do they go when they die ?”.  And the answer is, of course, the Rainbow Bridge.  They too are healed, their joints re-set, their scars and their memories erased.  They too play with all the other animals, happy and well fed.  But for whom do they wait ?  Is there no-one special for them ?  Of course there is — for every animal that has never known human love, there is a human that has never known the faithful and total love and trust of a animal.  Perhaps they lived somewhere that animals were not allowed; or perhaps they had simply never realised just how much love a animal would give them, just given the chance.  And when such a person dies, he too goes to the Rainbow Bridge, and immediately there is one animal who has never before known human love, who senses, without any word being spoken, that this is the human for whom he has been waiting, the human who would have been his special friend had they ever met, who would saved him from his earthly misery had that been possible.  And he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.  HIS human has been spotted and when he and his special friend finally meet, they cling together in joyous union, never to  be parted.        

    So all animals, both those that were loved and those that were abused, cross the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven with their one, special, unique human friend; and once they have crossed that bridge together, they remain together for all eternity, bound in a bond of total love and trust that can never, EVER, be severed.

    I know little Belle will be there, tail wagging….waiting for you to pass over together.

  • Caroline vd ven

    Lieve Irene dit doet mij zo denken aan de band die mijn 2 honden hadden samen . Baloe ziek Suus de hele nacht over haar heen gelegen , kreeg haar niet weg . Ze was zo lief voor haar grote zus . Volgende dag kreeg Baloe haar einde . suus was erbij heeft geroken en wilde toen weg bij de dierenarts weg , ze miste haar maatje enorm . Nu 1,5 jaar later sta ik ervoor , voor onze Suzie zo ziek . Heb haar op schoot genomen dicht tegen mij aan , ze sliep toen de dierenarts kwam had haar ook veel extra rustgevende pillen gegeven . Ze heeft niets gemerkt maar mijn verdriet 2 wkn later nu is enorm . Ik heb niks meer dan 2 urntjes op mijn kast , mijn lieve honden .-altijd in mijn hart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • joanne clifford

    Oh Irene tears again…Little Belle’s brothers and sisters had their own way of saying goodbye to their beloved sister…So very touching…Thank you for sharing these poignent pictures with us all…What a wonderful Mum you are….You all are always in my thoughts and prayers and send I send you all so much love…The special bond between you and your beautiful girl will never be broken and she will forever be so loved and remembered from all of us around the world.

  • Yvonne

    Hart verscheurd als je je andere kinderen zo ziet toch.
    Je doet het heel goed Irene. ????

  • thivat olivia

    Chacun doit faire son deuil à sa manière il est très important ce moment de l’au revoir ..ne rien cacher, ne rien forcer, leur laisser le temps qui leur est nécessaire, ces photos tristes sont importantes pour que chacun comprenne que le deuil est celui de toute la famille
    Merci Irène pour nous et pour ce bel exemple de ce qu’il faut faire pour aider chaque membre de la famille à passer ce cap difficile

  • Jetti N. Doyungan

    I really felt bad about this. My eyes starts to cry when i read and even heard little belle was dying. Im a pet lover and i know how much it hurts especially to the pet owners. really sad. The photos says it all. Heartbleeding???. Goodbye Belle. Im pretty sure you’re in heaven now and happy?

  • Lainie

    Irene my thoughts are with you and your family xx. I struggled to read that through the tears. I know some people will call us crazy for such emotions over a pet that wasnt ours. The day I read of little belles passing it broke my heart and I hugged and kissed my little boy Rastis. I can only begin to imagine how you are feeling. Little Belle was such a beautiful soul and i loved reading her stories. You both were blessed to have each other..thank you for sharing her journey with us ??

  • Claudia

    You will be okay- Belle’s siblings will be okay. It’s so difficult now because it just happened. Thank you for sharing will all of us.

  • vickie dailey

    Irene, that was very special – I sometimes wonder how others in the pack process the loss of one. They all of course had different reactions but feel the loss of Little Belle.

  • Carol W.

    I just found you and Little Belles story this morning. How i wish it could have been when your adventures just started. Right now I am wiping my tears away, what a beautiful love story❣️Thank you for sharing with me. I know your adventures will continue the day you two are together again at the Rainbow Bridge. Much love Carol

  • Sandra Muratore

    Oh Irene, I am so sad to learn of Little Belles passing. It’s always so hard to say goodbye. They take a piece of our hearts with them, yet they gave us so much love, joy, and happiness to hold in our memories and hearts♡. Belle had a good life with you, May God bless you for all that you have done for Belle and so many others. You are an Angel!♡ Missing Little Belle Always♡

  • Par

    I just watched this whole video about little belle and you. May God bless you for the rest of your life. You are an angel, and im sure belle knew that from day one..she was so so blessed to have you find her and give her the life that she deserved.

  • Jeanette Aguilar-Goldberg

    What a beautiful heart you have to love all your fur babies the way you do. Your little Belle is waiting for you at the rainbow bridge where you all will meet again someday.

  • Nilsa Guslawski

    Oh my God!!! Lost track of Belle as I was taking care of our beloved Oreo fighting with cancer for a long time and she lost the battle 3 months ago.
    I just read that beautiful Belle lost her own battle a year ago and my heart is broken once again. I’m so very sorry Irene and thank you for the love and care you gave Belle.? Rest In Peace beautiful Belle! ???

  • Gloria L

    Just found LIttle Belle’s video and then came to the Facebook page and finally to this page where I learned when she had passed.
    Bringing tears to my eyes….4 years ago August 9 I lost my Toro; 2 years ago August 8, my Slicker and in another 2 months (December 23 2017) it will be the day I lost my last dog, Tico.
    Seeing Belle’s story reminded me of how valiantly all my boys faced declining heatlh.
    They are with Little Belle …thank you, Irene, for all you do and how you love all your little ones.—-GRL, New Mexico, USA

  • Patricia Arrington

    GOD Bless You Irene!
    I understand your loss.
    You are an amazing beautiful person!

  • Linda Bibvs

    Two things are completely remarkable about this story.
    1. Your incredible LOVE for Belle and all the wonderful things you did to make her life so special.
    2. Bellas incredible love for YOU and her appreciation of all the tiny details you provided for that enabled her to enjoy her life to the very fullest.
    Its a great story and you must believe that you went over and above to provide her with the best life possible.
    She lived a rich and full life, thanks to you.
    In January 2017 my 16 y.o. Papillon mix, Sasha” suddenly refused all food and meds ( for advanced congestive heart failure) and kept trying to try to get outside to go away and die alone in the snow.
    I was able to get her to the vet so I and her brother could be with her in her final moments of her life. I didn’t want her to go off and be alone. This year her rat terrier mix brother “Jacques”, will be 17 years old and I know his time is coming, too.
    Both of my dogs were severely abused and were 1 day from being put down. I went through years of therapy and training with them both of them, and if ally they became therapy dogs, the most loving possible up until they came to retire.
    What I’m trying to say is that we give them the best life we can and know we have done our best. That is our comfort when they are gone.
    How many people would or could have Belle the life she had.
    You did a wonderful job and made her life extraordinarily. That is enough. Now you have all those wonderful memories and Belle is sitting in a Princess chair up in heaven. God Bless you. Linda Bibbs

  • Patricia. Guitierez

    You gave little Bella Love. You gave her a happy home. You were her Angel on earth protecting her Careing for her. She is now your little Angel who comes checking on you and her family. She’s not gone just on the other side with sight and her new body God gave her. She’s in The warm light of God now. No more pain on her new body. Thank you for sharing your little Bella. She was so strong and so brave on each surgery..
    ? as I read her story. You are a Hero on earth to these animal that need love. Your Bella will be at your side when you think of her. She’s not dead but very much alive in God’s light. She see AMAZING colors and beautiful new things around her.. You do amazing work. God Bless you.

  • Cristgy

    Your story make me cry.

  • Cristhy

    Your story make me cry. She is safe now. God bless you that day when you adopt her. O my God this is to sad and really touched my heart. Thank you for share with us. I have to be strong because I have 9 doggys that one day will say bye to me. LITLE BELLE you are still present.

  • Janice Arnold

    I’m so very sorry for your loss I didn’t know her story really touch my heart.I know she was so special.ill continue to read them. My heart is breaking and I know you miss her still.so sorry.

  • Melissa, Houston, TX

    Irene…Because of you, Little Belle finally knew love, kindness and a forever home with humans that never stopped giving her the best quality of life imaginable. Thank you with all my heart and soul for giving Little Belle all the blessings she so well deserved here on Earth. When you see Little Belle again, there will be no more pain, she will see and yall will be together forever in eternity. I will never forget watching the video nor forget that I found out she had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. You were her Angel here on Earth, and I believe she very well knew. God Bless You.

  • Vinny Ciro

    I wish I had a magic wand to make your pain go ‘way, And though I’ve searched with all my heart for perfect words to say,
    When losing someone special who we’ve loved for oh so long, It leaves a wounded heart and soul and life can seem all wrong. Now some don’t fully understand the loneliness inside, The empty bed, the tattered toy that makes us start to cry. Some may mean well with all their words and calls and pretty cards. But when it all comes down to it, our grief is oh so hard. I, too, still have a broken heart and shed a lake of tears, From losing my own little one, though it’s been many years. And I have found, for what it’s worth, that grief’s the only way, To pay the highest tribute to that love who’s gone away. I hope that knowing that I care, enough to share my thoughts, In some small way might ease your pain and sorrow from your loss. And know for sure that though they may not be here by our side, Our little ones are romping free above the clouds and sky. So we will carry on for now with memories inside, With pictures and remembrances that help us to get by. But keep the faith and always know that one day we will find, That we’ll look down and they’ll be there again right by our side.
    Vinny from N.Y.

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