Life is precious… I am a love warrior!

Dear friends, all your amazing support and wonderful  love means so much to me, Irene and my family. I cannot thank you enough for your friendship which is truly magical to us ♥ .

I would like to say a few words about something we read. We know that many of you already know this, understand how my family and I live our lives. Still, we like to share this, not to defend ourselves but just to give our perspective on life. We believe and feel strongly that life is precious and of equal value to all sentient beings, not matter how ‘different’ or how old you are.

Love is letting go…
That’s what people sometimes write or say. My mom Irene and I have two answers to this:

  • Yes, when it’s time.
  • No, when it’s not. Then, love is holding on with all your heart, fight for life.

I will let Irene know when it’s time and until then I will enjoy each and every moment of my life. I am not suffering, this tumor doesn’t cause any pain. And it seems very obvious to me that Irene won’t ever let me suffer.

Growing old is a precious gift. And sometimes we get terminally ill. But that doesn’t mean this is immediately the right time to say goodbye. We don’t let beloved ones go because of fear of suffering. Fear for something that’s not even there yet.
It also doesn’t mean that we can’t try to fight the cancer. We never give up just because I am old. To us age makes no difference at all.
It’s not about the prolongation of life, it’s about the value of life itself. When a dog (or human) is still enjoying life, why would you take that away from them?

Yes, my time on earth may be over in 2 weeks, 3 weeks…,  we just don’t know. That doesn’t mean we can’t fight. And it’s not that we fight from fear, anger or despair. We fight with love. I am a love warrior! ♥

Little Belle


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  • Suzann Anderson

    I so much agree with you Little Belle and Irene. So often humans do not understand the preciousness and magic of life itself. They often say thoughtless things about “ripe old age” when we only have just begun. Love is life and life is love. Little Belle has lots more living to do and gives us all a glimpse of love and zest for living each day. Please fight with all you have for Little Belle and NEVER give up. Little Belle needs all of our affirmation and energy. I send energy your way and prayers and love.

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