Mission quote

On this part of my website, I like to share something with you that is very close to my heart. As you know, by sharing my vision about dogs who are differently abled I hope to bring more awareness in the world to look differently at dogs with ‘handicaps’.
Irene still often read or hear that dogs are euthanized because they are ‘handicapped’… That really hurts… Our hearts ache for these dogs, for them who haven’t been given a chance to show that they too can live, sometimes just in a different way, and can have a perfect quality of life, because they love life!

Quality of Life 1
That’s why I feel this is one of my most important missions and the reason why we created this quote. I will share this same quote more often, on my Facebook and Instagram page and here on my website, each time with another picture. These pictures will not only be from me, but also from Jessie, Kintana, Cloudman, Stefan, Twix, Lulu, Noeska, Raquel and Sun, and maybe also from other ones in the future.
I hope you also like to share them, so together we can bring awareness and above all change for dogs who are different.
Aren’t we all different and therefore unique? ♥

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