My current treatment

Since last week, Irene applies multiple times CBD oil and O3 gel on my tumor every day. She also applies colloidal silver. This way, we hope that the tumor first will stop growing and second that it will shrink. In addition, I get Turmeric Golden Paste, also something that shows promising results in dogs with cancer.
We also try to help my body become less acid because cancer thrives in an acid environment.
Further, I get a lot of supplements, based on homeopathy and phytotherapy.

Update March 22:  I get an extra supplement that has very positive reviews, you can find more explanation about it here: K9 Immunity
Also, people asked us about where they can get the O3 gel and there is one factory in the Netherlands that makes it, see: Health Factory . We can’t buy it directly there, but only in stores that sell these company’s products.

We know that there are many more natural treatments, Irene also did a lot of research, but for now this is the treatment that we will follow.

Some friends asked if surgery or radiation is possible, but this is unfortunately not an option because then I need to go under anesthesia, for radiation even several times, and that’s not an option anymore. And even a surgery will not take away all the cancer cells, that’s impossible with these kind of tumors.

We hope that this will give me more time. I’m feeling well, my appetite is good and I enjoy life every day! I think my pictures and videos give you enough beautiful impressions of this.

Little Belle



  • Kay Wild

    You are a little warrior my Belle. We will
    Support you with prayer and love

  • Terri

    Thanks for the update. I worry about Belle. I look forward to seeing your posts and photos everyday. Sending love and prayers.

  • Françoise Vranken

    Good of Irene to try what she can. You are a real warrior, Queenie. Hope that it can help you. Love you my Magical family.

  • thivat olivia

    Je pense à toi chaque jour je sais qu’Irène irait sur la lune si elle pouvait y trouver quelque chose pour te soigner !! tu sais Belle j’aime voir tes photos, tes vidéos, bats toi encore et encore profite chaque jour avec mon coeur

  • sue baker

    Irene is an amazing mommy and Little Belle is blessed to have her <3

  • Carmen Diaz

    I love you my dear one. Every day you are in my thoughts and prayers. Irene, you are so amazing and I love you so much too! Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives. Live you both with all my heart !

  • Janet

    Thank you for being so wonderful in sharing your journey Belle & Irene! It is very consoling knowing you are very well cared for!

  • Diana Rolandus

    Lief Wipneusje, alle positieve straaltjes stuur ik jou kant op. Ik hoop zo dat het gaat aanslaan, zodat je nog heel, heel lang mag genieten van je magische, mooie en heerlijke leventje.

    Heel veel liefs en dikke knuffels voor jou, je vriendjes en natuurlijk voor Irene en Robert. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxjes

  • Hermien Woudstra

    Ik hoop zo dat het een tijd goed blijft gaan! Mijn hart breekt als ik het lieve snuitje van Belle zie….Geniet van jullie lieve hondje zolang het kan! Fijn om te weten dat ze in goede handen is bij jullie! Lieve groet en sterkte!

  • Valerie Guillot

    Your positive attitude and zest for life is a gift. You are doing everything possible as well as enjoying life. Whenever and whatever happens your lives togetherhave been filled with deep true love…nothing can replace that.
    My thoughts, feeling & love is with you all..a very special family. Xxxx Val & Sammy. Xxxx

  • Lyn Billington

    Keep fighting Irene & Little Belle

  • Jennifer Collins

    I love seeing your photos and videos every day so I can see how much you are still enjoying life with your family. Hopefully, the treatments will work some magic for you so that you can enjoy some sunny days and maybe even a trip to the dunes when it’s warmer, because I know it’s one of your favorite places in all the world. We all love you so much and we just know the world is a better place with you in it.

    Love you with all my heart. xxxxxxxxx

  • Riet

    Lieve kleine Belle, hoop dat je nog lang en gelukkig mag leven, je verdient het!!! Hoop dit ook voor je baasje!!!

  • Gina

    Dikke knuffel voor jullie allemaal ?❤️

  • Linda

    I love you both! Keep fighting! You are both warriors! ❤❤

  • Paulette

    Far from
    You both but so close in mind and spirit.
    We love you

  • Kris

    Wij duimen voor je, lieve kleine Belle ???. Hoop zo dat een of meer medicijntjes mogen aanslaan, zodat we nog lang van jouw grappige snoetje mogen genieten, en je avonturen lezen ???. En ???? van Happy.

  • Rona

    Hi Little Belle! Glad that you are enjoying life. And thank you Irene for not giving up. I admire your strength. This is unconditional love in the purest and highest form. I will never stop praying for both of you. I pray for a miracle everyday. Little Belle you deserve life and happiness. God bless both of you. ??

  • Debby (Kepi) Vierra

    Thank you for sharing all this with me. You and Irene are beautiful people. I love you both. I hope you don’t mind I beleave in prayers and I am always praying for your entire family.
    Aloha Ako No

  • Doris

    Hello Little Belle. I’m so happy that you are trying a new treatment. I am praying for you and Irene as well. I’m a huge fan of you and Irene. I love that you dream of your adventures with Irene and your other fur sisters and brothers. Love you and Irene very much.

  • Sue Bishop

    Little Belle you Irene and the rest of your family are in our thoughts and prayers always – we love you so much!?You are loved around this wonderful magical world, thank you for letting all of us into your family, Always your friend Zeus and his mom???xoxo

  • Krista

    So happy for you Little Belle! You are a warrior and a survivor and an inspiration.

  • Wally Huber

    Continuing to send hugs and prayers for Little Belle and Irene. Hoping that your new treatment will help. You are such a brave warrior! Love you!

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