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I receive a lot of questions about my book lately… so nice! 🙂  I’m sorry I kept you all waiting so long for a new update. Somehow, it was pretty busy last month. Irene and I try to write as much as we can, sometimes we have a week where we aren’t able to write much, but other times we can write quite some words!
Oh and there is so much to tell! I think we slightly underestimated the amount of work to write everything down about my and Irene her story…  But wow it’s truly amazing to go back in time together, to think of all the memories we have, some very sad but also a lot of special and beautiful ones.

For example, the last weeks we wrote about Sun (our friend in heaven now ♥ ) who was, before she joined our family, so terribly misunderstood. When she is with us I also describe my feelings and experiences with her. About an adventure on the beach with my friends with a special meaning to Irene. About Noeska her first experiences with her wheelchair and how I saw her swimming with this wonderful invention!
And the last days about Iwan, a very special horse, who had a big impact on Irene her life with who he was. Today was a bit emotional because she had to write about their goodbye which happened unexpectedly 3 years ago.
On the other hand, it’s also beautiful to express thoughts and feelings with words that aren’t always so easy to write down. This also gives space in heart and mind and can bring a smile with all the memories they shared.

I hope you also like to read all the stories about the arrival of my friends in our family and the stories of the ones who passed…
First, I didn’t know if you would find this interesting, maybe you only want to read about me…, but then I realized that all these stories are also a part of who I am and of my life. A very important part! The life with my family and everything we’ve been through, in good and bad times. The grief that we share, the joy and love that we share  ♥

And who doesn’t want a book with a lot more pages! 🙂

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