Cloudman in Spain

Our beautiful little man, Cloudman, cross Mini Pincher, was found on a road in the countryside of Spain. He could barely move or walk. He was clearly in a bad shape, very skinny, affected skin, and his mouth showed some very serious problems. At the vet, it was clear that his lower jawbone had deteriorated due to gum disease. Also, his nose was crooked due to the severe infection in his mouth. He must have been in so much pain, a horrible suffering for this little dog…
Fortunately, he was saved by wonderful people, so he could receive all the care he needed. With two operations the vet had to remove a lot of teeth in order to resolve the bad infection, also with the help of course of an antibiotic treatment.

The results from the blood test also revealed that Cloudman has Leishmania. He received Glucantime injections and is now on Allopurinol. Besides this, he has a heart murmur for which he receives heart medication.

While driving home from Portugal my Irene made a detour to Spain to meet Cloudman and bring him home! I think it was love at first sight for both of them, already developing a deep bond so quickly.

First meeting

Cloudman is a very strong boy, quite determined in everything he does, showing such a zest for life. He feels already completely at home, with confidence making contact with his new brothers and sisters, he has an amazing appetite, and his tail is working overtime.

 At home, with a part of his family

We celebrate Cloudman his birthday on February 19 (born in 2006)  


In the beginning, he expressed quite some pain in his hindquarter so we made an x-ray and this revealed something shocking, his pelvis is broken on both sides, it’s completely loose from each other and this will never grow back together again. We went to a specialist to see if something could be done about it but he advised to just let it stay this way.
In the weeks and months that followed the pain became less and less, and now he isn’t in any pain anymore. He got stronger each day and now he can even run and play like a completely healthy boy. A true miracle!
True love and happiness create miracles!

Cloudman his X-ray, made on Thursday, February 8:

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