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I wrote this page for all my friends who ordered my new 2018 calendar! Once my calendar hangs in your home and/or office and you’re maybe wondering what’s the story behind a picture, you can go to this page and read my beautiful stories about my adventures. Then, every time when you look at it, you can bring back the same memory I have with these beautiful pictures. I hope you will enjoy them!

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This picture was made during wintertime and I remember that it was near a big magical lake. It was cold, that’s why I was wearing a warm sweater. First, it was lovely dry weather, so I also walked a bit, felt the soft grass under my paws, and smelled all the wonderful scents of nature around me.
Suddenly, it started to rain. Not hard, just a little, but you know me, I didn’t like the rain at all. It makes you colder, do you know that feeling? Well, Irene knows me well, so she put a nice blanket over my head and I felt happy again!


This is a quite recent picture because it was made at the beginning of this year. I remember how cold it was back then. Even inside I liked to wear this lovely sweater that was a gift from my beautiful friend Rie Desta. When we did go outside, I wore my very warm jacket over it. We didn’t go long though, I was always very clear to Irene, I just needed to do what I had to do (you know…) and then I said “Let’s go inside! Now!”
And then, Irene carried me inside, holding me close to her chest, where I could feel the warmth already. Such special memories… Inside, she put me in the chair next to hers, always close to each other. Often I first made sure that I lay down on the best spot, digging with my paws and turning some rounds. Finally, I lay down, with a deep sigh, completely satisfied. Can you see it in this picture?



A very beautiful picture as well, as I may say so 🙂 . This photo was made during spring time last year. Oh, I loved the heartwarming promise of a new beautiful start of the year, where I could feel, smell and hear how nature came to life again.
The fresh sweet scents in the air, the happy songs of the many different birds, the strong fragrance of the soft grass under my paws, and the feeling of the skin-tingling warmth of the sun. What a joy! I will always remember that.
Every time my family
 has a new wonderful day together, I will be joning them with all their adventures. I will always be with my family, watching them and feel the magic of life ♥ .


This one is also really special because this was the first time that Irene and I visited a lighthouse together. Can you see how much I loved it?! Although the lighthouse isn’t visible in this picture, I still remember that it was right there behind me. It was a very big one! And if you’re wondering how could I possibly know that since I was blind… Well, Irene told me so 😀 .

I always loved to listen to her voice, she told amazing stories and when we visited beautiful places like this one, it felt so very special. Sharing life’s adventures gave us so much joy and happiness. We still share a lot, our strong bond of love will last forever.


And the picture of the month May is also the front of my new 2018 calendar! As many of my friends know I loved tulips and every year Irene and I visited the tulip fields many times.
I know that my Irene feels a lot of emotion when looking at this picture of me and it’s especially my expression that tugs at her heartstrings. It’s as if I am inviting her to enjoy this path between the tulips together. It also reminds her that I taught her so much about enjoying life’s path, to embrace life like I always did and to feel that same zest for life within each of us.
You can still follow me, continuing my journey together. Although we don’t know where the path is leading us, have faith, take the path with me and feel my and your magic, to dream big, to hear and smell the wonders of nature, and to always see with your heart.
In the picture, I am looking back and say: “I am still here with you.” ♥


I think I don’t have to tell you how much I loved the sunshine! I still do 🙂 .

This photo was made in May 2016, a few days after my 17th birthday, while I was soaking up the warm sun rays in our garden. I think I still celebrated my birthday, but especially life itself! Can you see my content smile and the completely peaceful expression on my face?
My cute little paw, totally relaxed, tells a lot about that too 🙂 .


Of course, there has to be a picture of me on the beach in my new calendar and this one will be shown in the month of July.
It is one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. I always was completely enchanted by the beauty of this part of nature. Each time we went, a deep feeling of joy, warmth, and peace entered my heart.

Intensely I listened to all nature’s songs around me and inhaled the many interesting scents. While feeling the crispy sand beneath my paws, it was a sense of pure freedom that embraced my heart and soul.

There is a beautiful quote of Jacques Cousteau and I think I shared this once before:
The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” 

I wish that every one of you can feel this, true magic 


The magical surroundings of the heath! In the Netherlands, the heath is always in bloom during the months August and September and I remember the wonderful adventures we had there.
Most of the time, we first went to the beach, then walked through the dunes and finally arrived at the heath where we enjoyed the beauty all around us. So, on days like this, we had three adventures in one; the beach, dunes and the heath! Isn’t that magical?!
I hope you can feel the same magic ♥


So very happy in the dunes! Do you see my radiant smile? We just had some magical adventures on the beach, where I often listened to the sounds of the waves, walked on the beautiful soft sand, felt my wonderful friends around me, and I stayed close to my Irene, as always. Then, together we walked to the dunes and had a picnic 🙂

Oh and my travel bag, for years I loved to sit or lie down in it, I think I can say that it was a very good friend during all my adventures.
I wish that every time you will look at my picture during the month September next year, your smile will be as big as mine! 🙂


This picture was made last year October when we enjoyed the beautiful fall together. The air was cooler and, since I was very sensitive to the cold, I wore my nice warm sweaters. Still, I could feel the sun rays touching my body, my face. I loved that!
While I caught the scents of the wonderful nature during the fall, sometimes I heard the leaves falling off the trees next to me. I could hear the soft sound they made when they landed slightly on the ground. I remembered from the time I could still see how it often looked like they were dancing in the air. So joyful and yet it also had something mystique. Imagining this gave me a big smile.
The wonders of nature always had, and still has, a spell on me. It makes you feel alive ♥ .


Oh, the adventures by the big lake! I loved to walk close to the water, smelling so many scents and hearing the soft whispers of the little waves.
Did you know that, although I couldn’t see with my eyes, I could still gaze across the surface of the lake? Many times my Irene saw me standing like this, then also with my head turned to the lake. I loved to breathe in all the impressions I sensed in front of me and around me. Inhaling slowly I felt such inner peace. Looking behind me I told Irene about this and I smiled.
It was another little piece of heaven on earth ♥


December, a perfect month for hibernation… And this is the perfect picture for the month December in my new 2018 calendar, don’t you think? A very peaceful moment during Christmas time where I sat in front of our magical tree with the beautiful Christmas balls with the names of all the members of our family on it. An amazing gift from my dear friend Suzana Narat from Australia.
And, with my lovely warm sweater! My Irene told me that it looked so beautiful on me. It was also a gift from a wonderful friend, Lori Goff Trainer from the U.S.A.

During all those years in the puppy mill, I never knew about Christmas. At home, I finally learned about this special time of the year, for 6 years I experienced the pure joy, peace, and love. Actually, I felt it the whole year round, every single day was special. We can add a touch of magic to life every day.
I wish all of you will feel a touch of magic during Christmas this year and for each day to come next year.

The past few weeks I have told you all the stories about all the beautiful pictures in my calendar. It was wonderful to go back in my memories and to feel these very special moments in my life again. I know my Irene had tears in her eyes many times… Going back for her wasn’t always so easy, we shared so much. We still do. She is a part of my heart and soul, and I am a part of her heart and soul.
Forever ♥

Little Belle

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