My little white friend Twix lived in a puppy mill in Belgium for about 7 years. His ‘home’ was a large farm shed filled with 80 kennels. In each kennel, there were 2-3 dogs.  The kennels were made of high wooden boards with a small hatch at the front. They didn’t see much of the world, hadn’t had any contact with the other dogs. Inside there was only a rubber mat and a very small amount of sawdust.

When Twix was born his mother probably had bitten off a part of his feet due to high stress. That’s why he’s missing a part of his right hind leg and the foot of his left hind leg. He has a wheelchair, but at the moment, he doesn’t need it. He will first get all the time he needs to feel at home here.

In October 2015 Twix was rescued with 29 other dogs. I know how much Twix and all the other dogs has suffered, I have lived in a puppy mill for almost 12 years… The horrible neglect, the pain, the fear, the diseases, the dark… It’s horrifying that puppy mills are still allowed in so many countries. And most of all… that so many people still buy puppies from these places, the only reason why it can still exist.

In November 2015 Twix became part of our family. He was very scared for a lot of things and situations, and he still is, but he is learning and growing more and more each day. His eyes become brighter and he has his wonderful joyful moments. He decided that Tualek is his best friend (Tualek needs more time to feel the same) and follows him everywhere.

We are very happy with our friend Twix and together we will share a beautiful life full of love, joy, happiness and  lots of adventures!


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