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My very special friend Tualek lived for more than 4 years in a shelter in Thailand. Before that he had a hard life on the streets. The organization Care For Dogs found him and took wonderful care of him. In the beginning he was very scared and not healthy at all. He had obvious hair problems and he had a big wound and a tumor on his back. He got all the necessary treatment and his hair grew back at some parts of his body.

It was April 2014 when Irene saw Tualek on the internet and she immediately fell deeply in love. His whole expression was stunning and in his eyes Irene could see what he had been through. Because it takes a lot of preparation to organize all the necessary vaccinations and paperwork, we had to wait for more than 4 months till Tualek could travel to the Netherlands. A very exciting time.

Tualek his new life began at September 4th when he finally traveled to his forever home with us, a long journey for over 12 hours. His arrival at the airport and the first meeting between Tualek and Irene were very special moments.

His whole life changed and he has grown a lot, from being a lot inside to more and more exploring the surroundings outside, all at his own pace. Especially the last months we have many adventures in nature together.

Tualek is such a happy dog and he is very talkative, expressing his feelings in a very funny way. His whole family loves him and together we are enjoying life the fullest!


On Tuesday, January 14th, 2020, Tualek got the diagnosis: Lymphoma. Only 6 days later, he passed away. We tried everything to help our beautiful little boy, but this was a cruel and unfair fight we couldn’t win.

I know that for many of you, Tualek’s passing was also a shock. Especially, because on his 2nd hospital day I shared with you more positive news. That day, I also got more hope that Tualek would recover and could go home soon.

On Monday morning, the 3rd day, I spoke to the internist and she told me that Tualek was still the same, and that didn’t give me a good feeling. I had hoped he would have improved a bit. A sudden strong feeling arose that I had to bring Tualek home. The internist said that this would be a bit complicated because Tualek still needed infusions, also during the night, but that it was, of course, my own decision. I knew that with the help of Paula, I could manage this. I called Paula, she agreed, and I made all the arrangements for Tualek to be able to come home.

When I was about to leave for Amsterdam to bring Tualek home, I got a call from the hospital that all of a sudden Tualek had collapsed. It was as if the whole world fell down on me. A silent scream went through my whole body, and all I could think of was how fast I could drive to Amsterdam to be there with and for Tualek. In record time I arrived at the hospital and Tualek was still there.

As this was first a big relief, soon I was completely in tears because he was in pain… I didn’t understand. What had happened all of a sudden? The doctor told me that it was most probably the cancer that was so aggressive that it had rapidly spread to other parts of his precious body. Despite the highest possible amount of pain medication, it wasn’t enough for Tualek. From one moment to the next, something had gone terribly wrong in his body.

I took him on my lap, warmly embraced him with my arms, kissed him so many times, said I loved him so much, so much…, but at the same time, I also knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to let him go. I never ever want my dogs to suffer, especially when there is no hope anymore. The doctor was 100% sure there was no hope left, so the only thing I could give my little boy was peace …

I can’t write more about those last moments, maybe I will one day. For now, I just wanted to let you know how hope suddenly changed into despair, leaving my heart shattered.

I am grateful though that I was with Tualek in his last moments, that I could be there for him. For always and forever I am with you, my beautiful special boy, and I know you are with me too, always
~ Irene 

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