Collage Tualek Voorstellen


My very special friend Tualek lived for more than 4 years in a shelter in Thailand. Before that he had a hard life on the streets. The organization Care For Dogs found him and took wonderful care of him. In the beginning he was very scared and not healthy at all. He had obvious hair problems and he had a big wound and a tumor on his back. He got all the necessary treatment and his hair grew back at some parts of his body.

It was April 2014 when Irene saw Tualek on the internet and she immediately fell deeply in love. His whole expression was stunning and in his eyes Irene could see what he had been through. Because it takes a lot of preparation to organize all the necessary vaccinations and paperwork, we had to wait for more than 4 months till Tualek could travel to the Netherlands. A very exciting time.

Tualek his new life began at September 4th when he finally traveled to his forever home with us, a long journey for over 12 hours. His arrival at the airport and the first meeting between Tualek and Irene were very special moments.

His whole life changed and he has grown a lot, from being a lot inside to more and more exploring the surroundings outside, all at his own pace. Especially the last months we have many adventures in nature together.

Tualek is such a happy dog and he is very talkative, expressing his feelings in a very funny way. His whole family loves him and together we are enjoying life the fullest!

We celebrate Tualek his birthday on September 4 (born in 2007)  

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