Collage Benji Voorstellen

In August 2008 Irene saw Benji on the page of a foundation in Spain. It was about 3,5 years after Emi arrived and somehow it felt there was more room for another dog in need. And wow Benji! The first time Irene saw her pictures she was not only touched, but really needed to smile. The reason for this was because Benji has a very funny look, she really talks via her many different expressions.  We don’t know the reason why she was in the shelter, but she ended there at the age of 3 months…

When Benji was 4,5 months old she travelled by plane to the Netherlands. Unfortunately Irene just became ill, so she couldn’t be at the arrival at the airport, which is always such a special moment. So, Irene her husband Robert, was there when Benji arrived and when Benji came out of the crate she immediately jumped into his arms and from that day on they have a very special bond.

Benji brings a lot of joy and happiness in our lives, she’s always so happy and often makes us laugh. She is also full of energy and loves to do things together, especially adventures outside.

Enjoy Benji her pictures! I’m on 3 pictures with her, at one she is lying next to me just a few days after the surgery where they had to remove my left eye (you can see this because of the hair shaved off around the eye). Friends forever ♥

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