The Spyventures of Cloudy & Rosie

The Spyventures of Cloudy & Rosie

We have created this photobook because of many requests from our followers and friends around the world. Your amazing response to all the spyventures of Cloud007, a.k.a. Cloudy, and his spy-assistant-in-training, Rosie, is so beautiful and touching. Every day, we read how many of you love to see this adorable duo and how they bring you lots of smiles.

Two little dogs with very sad pasts now live the lives every dog deserves: feeling loved and exploring the world with happy hearts. At the same time, they spread their heartwarming joy and love to many across the world.

We hope you will enjoy all the photos and stories from our adorable spy duo, which we have collected from the many we’ve shared on Facebook and Instagram.

You can find our photobook on Amazon:

Go to the Amazon website of your country, or one that is near your country to order our photobook. For example, does not ship to all countries in the EU. Amazon UK does ship to most EU countries.

Germany: (For Dutch people,, is the best option – shipping costs are the lowest)

If you could give us a beautiful review, and lots of spy stars 😊, that would be cloudnificent! Thank you ❤️

We couldn’t have reached so many beautiful people without our angel Little Belle, who touched, and still touches, so many people. In her memory, we started Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary, where we will continue to give old and differently abled dogs a forever home and family.

Thank you for all your love and support ❤️
Cloudy, Rosie, Little Belle, Irene & family

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