Rosie in Spain

Rosie is a 10-year old Chihuahua who was born in Spain. She was rescued from a puppy mill breeder but it is not known how many years she spent in the puppy mill. Rosie was saved by the same wonderful people who rescued Cloudman.

Since Friday, January 18, 2019, Rosie arrived home at Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary and she immediately captured our hearts.  She is very tiny, only 5 lbs but could gain a bit more weight. Her appetite is great so that won’t take too long ? .
Rosie misses quite some teeth, we don’t know yet exactly how many (she will see the vet once she is settled at her new home), that’s why her tongue is often ‘hanging’ out of her mouth.

We’re writing her story now that she is only here for a week, so we’ll share more about her later. What we do know already is that she is a very sweet and soft little girl who loves to lie in Irene her lap ? ❤️

Rosie home
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