Oil paintings

A passion of Irene is to paint animals, to create a unique piece of art, where the uniqueness of each individual animal is visible and tangible. To see and feel the expression that touches the heart.

She made an oil painting of a picture where I had still one eye, showing the way I was for four years. For her it was a beautiful process to paint me, to feel my special soul and heart, to feel the deep love she has for me, to express this on the painting. She received many amazing comments on my painting.


Belle Art Print 1 - kopie Site


Belle Art Print 1 - Detail

There is a fine art print of this painting available in my Little Belle Boutique

Second oil painting

In February 2016, Irene completed my second oil painting. I remember when the picture was made, in May last year. It was nice weather and I was enjoying the warm sunshine and all the amazing nature around me; the long green grass and the yellow buttercups. Although I couldn’t see their colors, I was immersed in all the scents and the soft touches I felt with my body. I felt so intensely happy among my friends, sharing the gift of nature.

I am overjoyed that Irene captured this moment and made this very special oil painting of me. Another wonderful gift which I will forever treasure in my heart ♥


Belle Art Print 2 - kopie Site



Belle Art Print 2 - Detail1


There is a fine art print of this painting available in my Little Belle Boutique

Third oil painting

My 3rd oil painting was completed in January 2017. I love the beautiful scenery and I know that Irene also loves the expression on my face where I radiate pure happiness and a deep wisdom. The reason why this one is called ‘Wise Soul’. The photo for this painting was made in one of my most favorite places, on the heath in the dunes of North Holland.The energy I can feel there fills my heart with intense joy, it’s such an enchanting place to be.


3Belle Schilderij 3 Onderschildering - Site

The background is added:

4Belle Schilderij 3 - kopie Site

And… the painting is ready!

Art Print - FB Site - kopie


Fourth oil painting

In the meanwhile, Irene started with my 4th oil painting! A very special one because this one will be really big and I will be on it 5 times!  We made a collage of pictures and we have chosen photos of me on the beach and in the dunes, one of my favorite places to be!


First underpainting:


Work in progress…

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