My brand new very inspiring video

Hello my friends,

I have a very special new video that I would like to share with you all. I know this video will touch your heart and probably some tears will flow… Happy tears for me, for my family, for life, for love  .
I’ve been through a lot, but there is one thing I’ve learned the most, to live life fully. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so embrace life today and feel the love, joy and magic. Life is beautiful!

Please, feel free to share my video. That would be wonderful  .



  • Beatrice cBbhokkaert

    This is such a beautiful video, a real example of deep true love for a sentient being. I wished that the whole world would feel that love and spread it.
    I truly hope thaty Belle will be able to still celebrate her 18th birthday. Her life is an incredible story. Irene is such a wonderful person. So glad I have seen this video and I will share it with friends.

    Sending many blessings of love to Belle and Irene and all their friends


  • Susan

    ❤️??❤️Good morning belle I watched your video again ,.. I miss you. But silly me ,.. your still here though I cannot see you with my eyes yet, I know you are all around me , because you are Love ❤️ one day we will be even closer but for now I just have your pictures and videos to look at . Here’s your daily dose of flowers belle ,.. ???????I love you ♥️

  • Gloria

    Such a beautiful little soul❤️ Irene, she still helps you with all the good work you do for your fur family ❤️

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