Pawprints on my heart

What do I miss about Little Belle, the thrill I would get every time I saw her pictures. She left her pawprints on my heart. I talk to my Cassy every night, tell her how much I love her and miss her, then I tell her to give Little Belle a kiss and a hug from her mommy Irene.


  • Charlene A Strysko

    I totally agree with you. i used to look for the posts about Little Belle everyday to see what was new with them. I am so glad Irene is continuing posting. I talk to my little Junior about Belle all the time also.

  • Little Belle

    Thank you, that’s so beautiful to read ♥

  • June Kiff

    Amazing to hear the story about littlebelle I think Irene you show compassion to all the dogs now when I say goodnight to littlebelle I know her life and what a lovely mum you are to all the dogs june

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