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The future of Little Belle’s Sanctuary – Can you help us?

Dear friends of Little Belle, What I am about to write now, share with you all, is something I delayed for some time. It makes me feel vulnerable and I am always a person who wants to solve problems herself instead of asking others. But now that Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary is involved, I have Read More

Reflections on our journey and life lessons

Where to begin? That’s a question I asked myself several times the last week. So, I postponed the writing each day, hoping I would somehow find the right words later. I realize now there is not an exact point to start, so much has happened that it is even impossible to just write that down Read More

Little Belle’s new Magic Fund

Today, I was finally able to stop the fundraiser that we set up 2 years ago to help Little Belle with her food and medical costs. I planned to do this for weeks already, but I just couldn’t take this last step. So many memories… It’s only that I think it is too confusing to Read More

How will we travel to Portugal?

  A good question 🙂 After much thought, the pros and cons weighed against each other, we decided that it would be best to travel by car all the way to Portugal! One very good reason for this is because Emi and Kintana will travel with me. If I would choose for traveling by plane, Kintana Read More

Our journey continues…

Today I would like to share some special news with you that might be quite a surprise, but maybe some people already sensed something after our adventure in Portugal. Anyway, I think lots of you have seen how special our time in Portugal was and a lot has happened since then. What I never shared Read More

The beautiful destination of your donations to Bianca

Last week, we promised to share with you the beautiful destination of your donations to Bianca shelter in Portugal. Through my Magic Fund, we are able to help with a recent project at Bianca. They are constructing a building for a wonderful and important purpose. This building will be the place for the dogs who Read More

Our visit to Bianca shelter in Portugal

The entrance of Bianca shelter During our stay in Portugal we, of course, also visited Bianca shelter multiple times. It was on Saturday, July 29th that we met Ana Duarte, the founder of Bianca, who gave us a ‘tour’ and explained a lot about the shelter, how they worked, the dogs and cats in the Read More

Reflections of our time in Portugal. Was it healing?

While we were in Portugal, a lot of people wrote that they loved to see me smile again which was very sweet. Our time there really felt very good and full of  Belle’s magic. Especially, of course, the time I spent with Kintana, and our precious Belle in spirit by our side. The many adventures Read More

You are an inspiration

Little Belle I wish I would have gotten to know you while U. were still with us but I just fell in love with you! You are an inspiration to everyone such a sweet little Angel I love all your pics and videos u can just see all the love you had for Irene and Read More

Shining Star

Little Belle, I was just scrolling through instagram when I came across a photo of a beautiful smiling dog. That was you! As I clicked on the page, I saw your inspiring life story. You are such a wonderful spirit with the best outlook on life. You are an inspiration to me and people all Read More

So sorry

Read More

I miss Belle

The moment I saw belle I fell in love with her and I greatly miss her so much. It breaks my heart that she will be in heaven and not with us anymore I’m so sorry for your loss goodbye Belle we will miss you. Read More

Beautiful Belle.

Irene your little girl has touched many hearts along the way and we have all fallen in love with her. It was very evident the amazing bond between the two of you which you happily shared through your posts on Facebook, I have loved being a part of that. Little Belle and I had the Read More

Angel Belle

I have followed Little Belle for quite some time but due to illness in my family, i had not seen her page in a  month or so. I knew she was getting worse and was afraid to check her facebook page. My heart is broke to see she has passed away. She always made me Read More

WIth Love from Pam Patey Brooks

Little Belle “You’ll meet me in the light” I know that you cant see me, But trust me I’m right here, Although I’m up in Heaven, My love for you stays near. So often I see you crying, Many times you call my name, I want so much to lick your face, And ease some Read More

To Little Belle❤️

Little Belle encouraged many people around the world see beauty in everyday things. She was a symbol of love and hope to all of us. Now, she lives on in the many lives she touched.  We  will all love her forever. Read More

Little Angel

Dear Irene, Little Belle and you have taught us a lot. Both of you have made the world become so small. You have brought thousand and thousand of people around the world together to learn how to love the unfortunate and disabled, to understand what is unconditional love, and how to express more love to Read More

Now and Always

Even  though she is not there with her physical presence Little Belle is always  there with you Irene. In your mind and in your memories of her. In everything you do.. With her courage and her brave warrior fighting spirit. She loved you — and still does love you very much. She is there with Read More

Little Belle – angel of trust

… after everything Little Belle found someone to trust and she gave all of herself, thats all she ever wanted, the one person to love who loved her…after everything Irene you found her, she found you and she felt complete.  Her life became all she dreamed it could be.  Little Belle will always remind me Read More

In your hearts

sweet Irene we have followed you and little belle and to be honest we could not pick out a picture they are all so sweet we know how hard it is to let a love one cross the rainbow bridge. while we know that they are happy and whole we still miss them     Read More

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