The beautiful destination of your donations to Bianca

Last week, we promised to share with you the beautiful destination of your donations to Bianca shelter in Portugal. Through my Magic Fund, we are able to help with a recent project at Bianca. They are constructing a building for a wonderful and important purpose. This building will be the place for the dogs who need extra (medical) care. As you could see in the pictures in my previous post, they are now living in a very small building in cages. Like this:

They will have more space in the new building and they will also have access to a part outside. In the following pictures, you can see that they are also creating smaller spaces, Ana Duarte (the founder of Bianca) told us this is necessary for the dogs who need to have an enclosed room for a while. For example, when they need their rest, for dogs who are new, for extra medical care… etc. Normally, the doors will be open so they will have more freedom. It will be such a big change for them!

Some pictures of the construction site:

The building in progress


The outside space for the dogs: 

They will make a door in the wall. Behind the wall is the shelter:

Thank you so much for your support!

We are so very happy to know that you are still helping the shelter where I was rescued.  They do such amazing work with all the animals under their care. And what a wonderful purpose we are now being part of. My legacy will live on and my magic will keep helping the animals in need who need all the support they can get.

Once I was there in Bianca…:

Also because of them, I experienced a life I could have never imagined. Because of friends like you, we can make a big difference in the lives of so many animals.

Maybe one day, my biggest wish for all of them, they will also find a loving home and will smile this big!

Little Belle 



  • noreen ens

    hope you can raise more to help them out more what a great thing you and belle have done

  • Jose Hernandez

    OMG! All at once I feel such happiness that Little Belle has through her life been able to bring people together for such a great cause but, I also feel much sadness that she is gone from this life. The last picture of her with that big smile just makes me feel so happy and sad at the same time.

    Irene, thank you for rescuing Little Belle and giving her such a happy life after all she went through. I just know it made up for all the sadness in her earlier life. God bless you ,Bianca and the rest of your fur babies. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Jennifer Collins

    Hello Little Belle and Irene. This is such a wonderful idea for your Magic Fund. We are going to be helping the animals that were just like you Little Belle when you arrived at the shelter. Now these “special” furry friends can have the best beginning to their second chance and hopefully have a better chance at finding their forever home. This just wonderful.

    Love Jenny

  • Charlene A Strysko

    That is awesome! They are doing alot to help the animals.

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