Our visit to Bianca shelter in Portugal

The entrance of Bianca shelter

During our stay in Portugal we, of course, also visited Bianca shelter multiple times. It was on Saturday, July 29th that we met Ana Duarte, the founder of Bianca, who gave us a ‘tour’ and explained a lot about the shelter, how they worked, the dogs and cats in the shelter, the help of friends of Bianca, the situation for dogs and cats in Portugal in general, their daily routine…, etc. A lot of information that really helped us to gain a better insight of the shelter. The work they do there, day in day out, with around 300 dogs and lots of cats, is enormous and says a lot about the compassionate hearts of the people.

Irene made a lot of pictures and we like to share them with you so that you also have a better image of Bianca shelter, especially for all my friends who donated, so you can see who you are helping and how hard Bianca needs all the support they can get.

They have several groups of kennels and in each area, there is the possibility to open a kennel so the dogs in that particular kennel can experience a bit more freedom outside to walk, run and play. Unfortunately, due to the many dogs (300), this isn’t always possible every day, but the people do their utmost best to provide them the best care.

This is the area where Bianca’s office is located. There is also a separate small building for the cats, a special section for the puppies and one for the elderly and sick dogs.

The cats live in a very small building right now, but they will soon have a much better place to stay in a new building that is almost ready:

Also the puppies and the elderly and sick dogs who need more care, are now in a very small building. But they will also have a new place to stay soon and we will tell more about this special building this week because the donations to my Magic Fund will go to this project.

About once a day they will get out of their kennels and can spend some time in this area:

A puppy very interested in the camera:

Ana Duarte with two of the puppies:

A beautiful old little dog who touched Irene her heart and really needs a home:

Also a beautiful older dog who loves attention:

This was on another day, but also nice to share with you. Here we were walking with some dogs of Bianca, together with our friends Ana & Fernando. The dogs loved to go out of the shelter. The brown dog with the large eyes full of fear felt so much better outside, it would mean such a big difference for him when he hopefully one day will be adopted. And this is, of course, a wish for all of them. Although they are all very well taken care of, it’s still heartbreaking to see them live like this…

Can you see me?


Here I am! It was amazing to visit the place where I once was rescued and spent my first few weeks in freedom. I know it meant a lot to my Irene too, to be finally able to see Bianca Shelter and met all the beautiful animals and people. People who are working very hard to make a difference in the world. Together we can create change and magic for all the animals who need our help.

Thank you, my friends, who help to create a world full of love, compassion and magic.

We are all sentient beings



  • Nennoa Boswell

    What a beautiful place!!! The animals are happy and well taken care of. I can´t think of a better cause to support!

  • Carolyn

    What a nice adventure! Its always comforting to know people care about our 4 legged family.

  • Mary Lou Stone

    Thank you Irene, Belle, Kintana and Bianca ! How wonderful to see Portugal and all the beautiful dogs and cats! Bless you for your wonderful hearts ♥️ that save so many lives. Please post more wonderful pictures and of lives saved by Bianca! Thank you ?

  • Jacqui

    Wat ontroerend om te zien hoe goed deze dieren het hebben bij Bianca. En wat een lieverds allemaal. En hoe mooi en verzorgd het er allemaal uitziet. Geweldige vrouw Bianca! Bedankt voor het delen van deze mooie en liefdevolle thuis voor alle dieren en dat ze allemaal een liefdevol huisje krijgen. Heel veel liefs en knuffels van mij Jacqui ??

  • Mary

    I want them all, thank you for loving them so much —

  • Valerie Brothers

    Thanks so much for sharing I am honored to support such a worthy cause!

  • Charlene A Strysko

    Thanks so much for sharing, Irene. That was beautiful but sad at the same time. So glad you are able to help Kintana.

  • Janeane

    This was so beautiful to read and see how these cats and dogs are being looked after at the shelter. They all look happy and healthy and safe. Thank you for showing us Irene, Little Belle and Kintana, we need more people like Bianca in this world, people who care and want to make a difference. Bianca Shelter is a very worthy charity to support and they need our help to continue doing this exceptional good work. Please people adopt don’t buy from shops or mills, all my animals, four dogs and two cats are all rescues. ?❤️

  • claire capitano lowe

    Thank you Irene for sharing your visit to Bianca with us. I think I am in love with everyone of them. Thank you to your friend who introduced you to Little Belle and may God bless her for being an angel for the animals. Love to you and Kintana and all the family.

  • Pam Snyder

    It breaks my heart to see all these animals who would love to have a forever home. I only wish I could adopt them all. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you Bianca, Irene, Little Belle and all who support this wonderful sanctuary❣️ God Bless you all. With much love?

  • Susan Colley

    Thank you for sharing they are doing an amazing job , so many precious dogs and cats,It was so nice to see where Little Belle came from,may God bless all these lovely people who are doing an amazing job….

  • Ana Duarte

    My heart and my soul are happy.
    Little Belle born to show us how we can help angels without wings. Hes life had this purpose. Her mission continues to be fulfilled
    Little Belle and her mom, you make so many dogs happy 😉
    Always with you in my heart <3

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