Month: August 2017

The beautiful destination of your donations to Bianca

Last week, we promised to share with you the beautiful destination of your donations to Bianca shelter in Portugal. Through my Magic Fund, we are able to help with a recent project at Bianca. They are constructing a building for a wonderful and important purpose. This building will be the place for the dogs who Read More

Our visit to Bianca shelter in Portugal

The entrance of Bianca shelter During our stay in Portugal we, of course, also visited Bianca shelter multiple times. It was on Saturday, July 29th that we met Ana Duarte, the founder of Bianca, who gave us a ‘tour’ and explained a lot about the shelter, how they worked, the dogs and cats in the Read More

Reflections of our time in Portugal. Was it healing?

While we were in Portugal, a lot of people wrote that they loved to see me smile again which was very sweet. Our time there really felt very good and full of  Belle’s magic. Especially, of course, the time I spent with Kintana, and our precious Belle in spirit by our side. The many adventures Read More

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