Day: May 6, 2017

Warrior Princess

I love Little Belle even though I didn’t have the privilege of meeting her. She was a true warrior Princess to me. Belle will live on in our hearts and she will always be by Irene’s side and heart. Belle is sadly missed around the world, she came into our hearts and will never leave Read More

Happy birthday belle and Irene.

Little Belle You never gave up. You were alaways so brave. You taught us all to have courage. You put your trust in Irene who loves you so much. I looked forward to your posts and thank Irene for sharing this wonderful story. Read More

A precious little dog

Little Belle, a precious little dog who has inspired  countless hearts across the continents, and continues to do so. You captured my heart  from the first post I found. I love all the pictures of your adventures  with Irene and your family. I love where you show us where you live……with the tip of your Read More

Brave Little Belle

Dear Little Belle Thema first time in came accross your Facebook, ik thought,  what a brave little dog. I want to know more about her. So i started to follow your page. After a while i didn’t even noticed your handicaps any more. What a shock it was, when i read that you were no Read More

In Memory

What does she means to me? I love her from the first day Isaw a picture of her. She inspire me: Never give up! Be a little warrior like her. I like two pictures. The one of you and her in the tulpes and the last one. There is so much love between you. Under one Read More

Happy Birthday Little Belle and Irene

Ik volg jullie nog niet zo lang, maar heb zo een ontzettende bewondering voor jullie. Little Belle en jij inspireren mij voor jullie doorzettingsvermogen, Little Belle is zo een sterk hondje dat dank zij jullie toch nog zes mooie jaren van liefde, genegenheid heeft mogen kennen na haar verschrikkelijke leven dat ze gehad heeft. Iedere Read More

Little Belle ~ A Love Warrior

-” Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.” ~ Terri Guillemets ~ Little Belle was an example of courage, strength, tenderness, joy, happiness, unconditional love and an inspiration that she sent send all over the world ! ” She touched my heart when I read her inspiring story. I shed Read More

Forever remembered

A dog that touched so much people’s hearts,a lovely fur baby that had more fans than movie stars,gone past the pearly gates gone but never forgotten,a great little fighter with a heart big enough to warm a whole room of people.   Read More

Unconditional Love

Little Belle taught everyone what unconditional love and trust is.  Without that trust she would have been a pretty scared little girl and Irene, you gave her that.  She is one lucky little girl.  Happy Birthday to both of you. Shirlean from Florida, USA Read More


the courage to start all over was a meanimgfull lesson! I thank you all, Little Bell and family for the courage you tought and gave me.   Marit Read More

Remembering Little Belle

Little Belle you will be remembered with love ,I looked forward to seeing your posts every day.I miss them so much.when I hug my own two little dogs I can feel your love surrounding may have gone from our lives but you will always be near ,as I look around at the beauty of Read More

Happy birthday little Belle

Happy birthday sweet angle in heaven!  You were an inspiration to all whose lives you touched!  You will be so missed but never forgotten.  I know you will wait for Irene and will watch over her and all you friends until you can meet again!  I know you are whole again and are having a Read More

Unconditional love

Little Belle gave us something only a dog can give…unconditional love. I always lived reading about your adventures. She was tiny but a warrior like no other. The pictures on the beach are my favorite. The beach can give you so much the smell of the salt air, the warm sun in your face. The Read More



Beautiful Belle

Belle from the minute I found you here I fell in love with your spirit, your desire to live your life quietly and peacefully, you make me proud of your will for survival and your true unconditional love for your Mum Irene and everyone else around your life!! It’s probably the very last picture that Read More

In Memory of Little Belle, an angel

In Memory of Little Belle, an angel. I have been following you Little Belle for a long time now and you and Irene are an inspiration. After many awful years locked in the puppy mill you were rescued by Irene and managed to be so happy and appreciate life and love with Irene. You show Read More

Precious Little Belle

Precious Little Belle Happy Birthday!! From the first time I seen your story and found you on Facebook you touched my heart. Your story of heartache to unconditional love gave me hope. Your strength and fighting spirit was inspirational to me and the love and support shown to you from Irene was a light in Read More

In my thoughts

Dear little Belle I wish you and Irene a happy birthday,I so miss the photos and videos of your special adventures with Irene and your family,I am sure there’s an angel in heaven called little Belle,you have brought tears and happiness to all of us.I will look for the brightest star in the sky each Read More

With Love

Happy Birthday Little Belle and Irene, I started this yesterday but could not do it as it makes me cry.  I just want to say I found your FB page a few months ago and I do not know why, but you became a very important part of each day.  I would wake up every Read More

Sweet Little Belle

The picture of you above this message is the one I love most.  You can see the love very clearly between the two of you.  Her courage and the joy she found in life no matter what was happening to her gave me courage to face things I didn’t think I could face.  Everytime I Read More

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