Day: May 6, 2017

So much love

Little Belle, you were such an inspiration for everyone who thinks twice about fostering or adopting a senior dog. They have so much love to give! Some come from horrible backgrounds and need a bit more love and attention, and some come from homes they’ve lived in all their lives, and are scared and confused. Read More

The dearest of Little Belle

The dearest of little Belle…when I first saw your page, I fell in love. The fact that you rose above through that harsh beginning to celebrating your life with your loving family is what makes me happy. Times can be tough but you were always so happy. I have had some of my family pets Read More

Run Free

LB could not see but had great vision. A profound look on her face. If she could not see but life to the fullest why can’t I. I seemed to have run out of tears after losing 17 dogs in 43 years. I am still mourning the loss of 5 dogs since February 2016. Great Read More

An inspiration

Little Belle, You were an inspiration for me,  because you fought until the end. You mean to me as much as my own dog because for me loving one of you is loving all of you little ones! I want to tell you that I fell in love with you the moment I saw your Read More

Little Belle

I’m smiling as I think of you watching the ocean. You enjoyed it so much. It also reminds me of my beautiful dog Patchy who loved the ocean as well. He was strong like you..happy bday in heaven Little Belle… Read More

Little Belle,

Dear Little Belle, you are such the famous warrior that fought through most of your life in a little cage. Then Irene came, and you became a lifeline to many people through your story. How we all looked for Irene to tell us how to love ❤️ and see everything through your senses! There will Read More

Memories in our hearts.

Little Belle, you will always have a special place in our hearts, you lived your life with such bravery, dear Irene, you loved that little girl so much, you were such an inspiration to us, love conquers all, through you Little Belle lives on in our hearts. Happy birthday to you both, bless you. Xxx Read More


Happy Birthday in heaven Little belle You showed me that love and kindness gives us strength and spending special time together building memories that last forever is so important. Your mummy has so many Beautiful memories of you Little belle. You are and always will be a very Special, much Loved little Girl Sending you Read More

Happy Birthday Little Belle And Irene!

A life well lived.  Happy Birthday!   Michele R. Concord CA, USA Read More

A treasure

Little Belle, knowing you has been a treasure for me. I was so impressed by your story and all the happiness you brought into everyone life including mine. I look forward every time you post phots of your Mom Irene and the rest of your family. All of you are so lucky to be together. Read More


Little Belle represents goodness and hope. The sweetness of her soul is purity and love. She is a reminder that old souls can share new lessons.  My favorite quote is, “We are all sentient beings.” Read More

Happy Birthday Little Belle & Irene

Dear Sweet Irene! Happy Birthday to you and your sweet angel Little Belle! Little Belle and you have shown me how to make the very best of a bad, terminal situation and to live your life to the fullest every single day? My love to you both❤️❤️ Diana Boblo Island, Canada ?? Read More

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