Day: May 6, 2017

Lieve Belle

ik vond je zo dapper meisje …en dat je altijd maar doorging…en dat je nooit op moet geven…alle foto s waren mooi,maar dat jullie nog 1 keer naar de zee keken heeft me zo gegrepen …alles was mooi wat je ons verteld heb…lieverd rust zacht met alle engelen om je heen…dag lieverd.xx Read More

To Little Belle

Dear Little Belle,….. you symbolize love, courage and strength….you inspire me because of your bravery and your love of life and all things beautiful in nature….in spite of the adversity you suffered in your earthly life you embraced life and you lived for every moment of every day….enjoying the beautiful sounds of nature, the sea, Read More

Dear Little Belle….

Sweet Belle….I’ve tried a couple times to write this, but my eyes keep “leaking “. You touched the hearts of so many people around the world, showing us that life is still worth living, even with disabilities. I absolutely love and looked forward to yours and Irene’s adventures to the beach (also MY favorite place Read More


Dear Little Belle, Happy Birthday in Heaven. Happy Birthday to you also Irene. I realize that this wasn’t the birthday you hoped for, however  I hope you celebrate the wonderful life you gave to Little Belle, all the love and care. Little Belle, there are really no words to decribe all you  and Irene have Read More

A special angel

Little Belle was and is a special Angel. She taught me to have courage and faith in even the most heartbreaking situations, she was a joy to see and enjoy her while she was here. She will always be in out hearts, the ones who learned to love her through pictures. Her legacy will never Read More

Feliz cumpleaños hasta el cielo pequeña Belle!!

querida pequeña Belle , ahora estás en un lugar mejor donde no hay dolor ni sufrimiento junto a muchos angelitos sin voz que alomejor no tuvieron la misma suerte tuya de encontrar a Irene quien cambio tu mundo y tu historia….. Tu vida pequeña Belle fue un milagro en todo el sentido de la palabra Read More

Love for life

Lil Belle I truely admired your strenght and your bravery and your love for life. You gave me strenght to push through tough times. Thank you for being an inspiration. Happy Birthday beautiful girl. Love Kirstin, Ocoee, Florida Read More

My Tribute To You Little Belle; I Will Never Forget You

When I came across your Facebook page, a tear formed in my eye.                                                                                     Read More

The pure of heart

Happy BIRTHDAY dear sweet little Belle. It saddens me that you are no longer walking the beach and the meadows and enjoying the sunshine and all the smells here with us. You have been an inspiration to always keep fighting. You have proven time and time again that the pure of heart will always triumph! Read More

Lieve Little Belle ?

Lieve Belle, je was zo’n klein dapper meisje, je hebt zoveel tegenslagen overwonnen. Maar je bleef altijd vechten en iedere keer kwam je er weer bovenop, behalve….de laatste keer. Velen kunnen een voorbeeld nemen aan jou. De laatste 5 jaren waren een feest voor jou en je vriendjes, dat heb je allemaal te danken aan Read More

An angel

Little Belle you are an angel with your wings now and although I never met you , you inspire me each and every day.  You lived many years in misery but you are a fighter and God blessed you with the best family ever. You never gave up hope and when I feel the weight Read More

little Belle

Kleine Belle is nog steeds een groot voorbeeld voor mij. Vele mensen zouden er een voorbeeld kunnen aan nemen. Ik ken niemand die zo moedig is (was) als de kleine (hele grote Belle). Ze is nog steeds in mijn gedachten ook al heb ik haar nooit echt gekend. (En toch ook weer wel) Read More

Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open

That is how Little Belle lived her life, like someone left the gate open.  I will remember our precious angel for her amazing courage, never give up attitude and her beautiful spirit.  She bought people from all around the world together through  sharing her adventures and love of her Irene and brothers and sisters.   Read More

Run free

Happy ? birthday. Run free and see everything. You are truly and deeply loved and touched so many lives. Happy birthday Irene too, keep safe and be strong. ? xx Read More

From Little Belle

De Little Belle à tous  Voilà je suis partie, oh je n’en n’avais pas envie mais je devais j’ai été appelée plus haut pour une mission importante. Je vois bien que vous avez de la peine et que les larmes coulent sur vos joues et je sais aussi que ces larmes doivent couler et que Read More

Little Angel

Dear Little Belle, I discovered the Little Belle Page not too long ago, after reading your story it is amazing to see such a beautiful, happy and carefree Little Belle. After all the mountains that needed to be climbed, you always come out on top. Every day I would wake up and even though I’m Read More

Little Belle

Happy Happy birthday Irene and Little Belle. I can imaginaire that you Will always remember this birthday. I sent you a lot of love and hugs. And over the Rainbow bridge you Little Belle Will watch over you from above. I was so touched by the story of here life on you-tube. Little Belle was Read More

Always on my Mind and in my Heart

Dear Little Belle, I am writing from a small country in Asia – Singapore. In Octover 2015, I wanted to end my life, I went up to a 20 floor high building.. looking down and was about to write  GoodBye note in my FB page… and  It was these FB page I come accrossed, that Read More

Dear Belle lovely Angel

Dear Belle lovely Angel,   you came in my life a few years ago. A like from a friend let me meet you. you stole me heart just like you did from so many others. I learned from you dear mom Irene, that thank god, there are still a lot of people, your friends and Read More

Dearest Little Belle

Dearest Little Belle I have followed yours and Irene’s story since nearly the beginning and have enjoyed all the adventures, life’s ups and downs with you and all the awesome photos.  I was horrified of your previous life before Irene and was saddened that people can treat animals that way, and then I was elated that Read More

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