Day: May 6, 2017


Et voilà j’ai oublié de mettre mon nom  olivia et ta phrase est ” we don’t need eyes to see everything important is embedded in our hearts” LITTLE BELLE tu es dans mon coeur pour toujours un modèle, une joie de vivre jusqu’au bout, j’espère que de ton paradis tu pardonneras aux humains le mal Read More

Sleep tight Little Belle

Sweet Little Belle, you shut your eyes for the last time on my 50th birthday.  I had been out walking all day with my partner and my two black labs and got back to our hotel and read your Mom’s post and shed a tear.  You were such a little fighter who just oozed love. Read More

A beautiful soul

  • Oh Little Belle you were such a gorgeous girl x you had so much sadness and struggling in your little life x you were such an inspiration to me as I help with rescue dogs here in the U.K and see such sadness in them x you were able to come through all this with the loving care of Irene your life became wonderful x so every time you had a set back and poor health you fought your way through it with grace and dignity x such a beautiful soul xxx have fun in heaven over the rainbow bridge Little Belle xxx you were loved by so many xxx ??? lots of love from Debbie xxxx

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Verdriet en vreugde

Lieve Belle en Irene, het meest ontroerende filmpje dat ik ooit op Facebook ben tegengekomen, was het levensverhaal van Belle. De tranen stroomden over mijn wangen en nog steeds als ik er opnieuw naar kijk! Het ongeloof dat ik voel als ik zie wat vele dieren moeten doorstaan, hoe ze moeten vechten om te overleven, Read More

Ma Little Belle douce étoile

Je ne sais même plus commentaire je t’ai trouvée, le destin car je ne crois pas au hasard, le destin je suis en route jusqu’à la page Facebook à un moment où ma vie basculait me fallait du courage, De la détermination et de l’avenir. Je t’ai emmenée avec moi à l’hôpital en moi Read More

Lieve little Belle

Je was een vechter, je hebt getoond altijd vol te houden en te genieten van de kleine dingen.  Ik weet dat je nu over Irene waakt en dat jullie elkaar op een dag gaan terugzien. Je hebt ook een plaatsje in mijn hart veroverd en ik zal altijd aan je blijven denken. May your soul Read More

Thank you for…

Little Bella, thank you for showing me to be grateful for the small thing in life. The sounds around me, the perfumes that nature gives us & the small blessings of life. Irene showed me that there are good people in this world & to love my dogs even more. Read More

Happy Birthday lovely ladies

Happy Birthday Irene and Little Belle. Thank you for the inspiration you gave us and for showing us what life is all about. I have all your photos and when I’m feeling low I look at them and remember how much you enjoyed life. Thank you Irene for all the love you give your fur Read More

With love

Little Belle is an angel that you were so lucky to have in your life, as you were to her. She is an inspiration of love – something we all hope we can feel the true meaning of. Thank you for sharing her life with us. – Abby, and fur friends Jersey and Jeter Read More

Heaven’s special angel

I didn’t see this till just now so that being said, Happy Belated Birthday Little Belle and Irene. Seeing your beautiful face everyday Little Belle always brightened day and following your adventures on the beach, in the tulips or just seeing you snuggled up with Irene was such a joy. You were such an inspiration Read More

Our Sweet Little Belle

Dear Little Belle, Leela, Hamlet, My self and John would like to wish you Happy Birthday. We know you are no longer earth bound and we will miss you greatly. Your adventures, your spirit but most of all your smile. Thank You for sharing these things with us. I’m not sure what picture I saw Read More

Little Belle

Beste Irene, Gisteren is het niet gelukt. Als nog van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!  Het zal geen makkelijke dag zijn geweest, wetende dat je kleine lieverd ook jarig zou zijn geweest. Little Belle en jij hebben veel indruk op mij gemaakt.  Een voorbeeld van on v oorwaardelijke liefde. Zo mooi dat je een oudere Read More

Goodbye sweet girl

You remind me that all life is worthy.  I’ll miss your sweet face. Tammy Read More

To a little Angel

Happy birthday to a little angel in heaven called Little Belle. The way you have touched me the most my darling is to show me that no matter what happens, we should never give up. Because wonderful magical and beautiful things can still happen. Every one of your photos, especially those with Irene and you Read More

Little Belle & Irene

Happy birthday to both of you, you are both inspirations & i admire both of you. Firstly Little Belle you have overcome more than any furbaby ever should & i picture you now running around in flower meadows & along golden beaches with your little heart bursting with joy! & to Irene happy birthday u Read More

Happy Birthday Little Belle and Irene

Thank you Irene for sharing the wonderful gift of Little Belle – as a family with a differently abled child, now adult,  things are not easy sometimes.  Getting up each morning and reading about Little Belle every day gave me a greater appreciation of the importance of noticing the small things around me and giving Read More


Happy Birthday Precious Little Belle..I loved looking at your beautiful photos always having that special loving smile..always happy  enjoying life…until that day when God called you home..GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. .❤Shanelle Thrower Read More


What I love most about Little Belle WAS tht precious little smile that she always had..HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL IN HEAVEN.. Read More

You inspired me

Little Belle  happy birthday. You have shown me that dispute all your  disability s you overcame them and was so loving I have 2  fur babies of my own and and every day after watching your pitchures and  posts I would sit down and cuddle with my fur babies and try to do more exciting Read More

Angel Puppy

Little blessing so bright and beautiful, made me smile every time I saw you.  Came to give all of us your love, not hear nearly long enough…..your star shines bright and we will send our love to you day and night! Kisses and hugs dearest one…sending all and only my love. Read More

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