Month: May 2017

Angel Belle

I have followed Little Belle for quite some time but due to illness in my family, i had not seen her page in a  month or so. I knew she was getting worse and was afraid to check her facebook page. My heart is broke to see she has passed away. She always made me Read More

WIth Love from Pam Patey Brooks

Little Belle “You’ll meet me in the light” I know that you cant see me, But trust me I’m right here, Although I’m up in Heaven, My love for you stays near. So often I see you crying, Many times you call my name, I want so much to lick your face, And ease some Read More

A soul with a heart of gold

Little Belle There once was a dog named Little Belle A soul with a heart of gold Such a wonder, such a spirit And her story must be told Poor little one was treated cruelly No freedom, no care, no affection Suffering at the hands of an inhumane human Who offered no warmth or protection Read More

Dear Belle…

  Dear Belle, Today it’s already 4 weeks ago that we had to let you go… They say time flies, but for me, it still feels like yesterday. I would like to share something with you. Of course you already know…, but still, I like to write to you. For the very first time in Read More

Our family saying goodbye to Little Belle

Every member of our family had their own way of saying goodbye to Little Belle, some of them didn’t come close to her, they observed from a distance or even stayed in another room. That was all okay, they can always make their own decisions and they knew what was best for them at that Read More

Why we both had to let go…

  Dear friends, I know that many of you are wondering why we had to let go our dearly beloved Belle. Although we knew the day was coming, it still happened very suddenly. Today it’s 3 weeks ago that Belle passed away and the past weeks, I wasn’t able to write about the reason why Read More

To Little Belle❤️

Little Belle encouraged many people around the world see beauty in everyday things. She was a symbol of love and hope to all of us. Now, she lives on in the many lives she touched.  We  will all love her forever. Read More

Little Angel

Dear Irene, Little Belle and you have taught us a lot. Both of you have made the world become so small. You have brought thousand and thousand of people around the world together to learn how to love the unfortunate and disabled, to understand what is unconditional love, and how to express more love to Read More

Now and Always

Even  though she is not there with her physical presence Little Belle is always  there with you Irene. In your mind and in your memories of her. In everything you do.. With her courage and her brave warrior fighting spirit. She loved you — and still does love you very much. She is there with Read More

Little Belle – angel of trust

… after everything Little Belle found someone to trust and she gave all of herself, thats all she ever wanted, the one person to love who loved her…after everything Irene you found her, she found you and she felt complete.  Her life became all she dreamed it could be.  Little Belle will always remind me Read More

In your hearts

sweet Irene we have followed you and little belle and to be honest we could not pick out a picture they are all so sweet we know how hard it is to let a love one cross the rainbow bridge. while we know that they are happy and whole we still miss them     Read More

Little Belle

Little Belle, I have loved each and every one of your posts.  I am so glad that you and Irene found each other and that you were so nurtured and loved after the rough start you had in life.  One thing I have learned from you is to be strong and never give up.  I Read More


Dear Irene, I have been trying to find the right word or words that describe how deeply you and Little Belle were bonded. I believe that word is Namaste.  How could it not be? Your two souls were countries apart, but just waiting for the very right moment to come together. In hindsight, did you Read More

Precious angel who…

With love Pinju Radhakrishnan. Read More

Un Angelito

Un angelito que Dios nos envio desde el cielo para que nosotros los humanos aprendamos en amor a la vida, a la fortaleza, a no darnos por vencidos en la adversidad. Un su paso por nuestras vidas nos enseño lo mas hermoso de la vida. Todos los que conocimos la historia de Little Belle pudimos Read More

For Belle

For Belle Read More

my memories of Little Belle

We were very new friends Little Belle and I – she inspired me to find beauty in all things – and loved that she always seemed to be smiling.  I felt it loss greatly and wish as you do that the time could go on. Read More

To Mom from Heaven

Dear Mom, I am sorry it has taken me so long to get in touch with you.  Heaven is a very different place and after I woke up over here, it took me some time to get used to the many differences.  I only just found out that I now have the ability to write Read More

Little Belle an Angel Dog

Little Belle, I cried when I found out you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are in a happy place, and you will run to greet Irene when her turn comes. You remind me of myself, Little Belle: we both had a rough start early in life, but found love and happiness later on. Read More

A special journey

Little Belle, the first time I saw your little face I fell in love with you.  Reading your posts, seeing your pictures, watching you enjoy your outings with Irene & your friends always brightens my day.  I look at your calendar every day and remember you with love.  You & Irene shared a special journey with Read More

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