Day: May 5, 2017

Little Belle

I love the picture of you and Irene—heart-to-heart.  Two beautiful souls who changed each other’s life.  You both remind me of all that is good and beautiful in a world that sometimes seems dark.  You have both touched hearts around the world as you shared your story with so many people.  Bless you both.——Patty Stout—Kansas—USA Read More

A special little soul

Happy Birthday up at the rainbow bridge sweetheart,  I hope you are having fun with all your new and old friends. You are and always will be a special little soul who shone through life despite everything. You have shown such courage and resilience throughout your life, and it makes me think I can do Read More

rest in peace little belle

Little belle I will miss you so much,you made this world a happier place,you inspired me with your strength,courage,and sweet loving nature,I am thankful to Irene for allowing us to share your love,your little life was meant to be and brought such a lot of love,smiles and happiness to others,God bless you and Irene xx Read More

Happy Birthday Wishes for Two Beautiful Angels?

I miss seeing your sweet, loveable face Little Belle.  My world was brighter, my heart smiled with each magical adventure we got to experience with you and Irene. I fell in love immediately with your warrior spirit? I believe you taught me to live life, enjoy each moment, smell the ocean, flowers, to feel sand Read More

Your spirit

Little belle U have taught me yo never give up….even when i felt down i would look at your page and say damn belle can keep fighting so can u…u are and always will be paet of our family…i loved everyday seeing your adventures and family..itshard to pick a picture cause everyone showed your spirit..fight..and Read More

Gentle grace

Dear Little Belle, If I were with you this very day, I’d tell you how you brighten so many of my gloomy days. Who can be sad when looking at your smiling face? Who can be afraid or give up on what life has in store after reading the story of how much you suffered Read More

My inspiration

Happy birthday to my beautiful girl, you are as much a part of my life now as you were the first day I was so fortunate to have found you and that is something I shall always thank the power of Facebook for. To have been a part of your journey has been an inspiration Read More

To Little Belle in Heaven

Little Belle I am hoping you are having a wonderful, magical, special day in Heaven. I haven’t known you very long but I fell in love at first sight. Your brave spirit and ever present courage gave me courage too. I so admired how you allowed Irene into your heart and came to trust her Read More

The sweetiest little dog

Little Belle means for me the sweetiest little dog that I have the pleasure to know. She is always full of courage and enjoy life. It is also thanks to her mom Irene that she had a good life the last years of her life. I think that everybody can take a lesson of the Read More

Little Precious Belle

I was a new watcher and loved seeing your photos and reading your stories. You love of life and Irene was so touching. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for surviving through all your storms. God gave you a special place to find love and give love. I know you’re soaring high without pain or Read More

Dear Belle

Belle is a true inspiration to me. Her love of life and her spirit amazed me daily. We should all be bold enough to live like Belle did. Despite her illness and tough times she lived her life to the fullest and enjoyed each day like it was her last. Many in that situation would Read More

Sending love fom Maine….

Irene and Little Belle, your loving family is an inspiration to me. All the photos are beautiful and radiate love. Irene, you helped Little Belle to experience all the wonders of the world and you shared this world with everyone. Happy Birthday, Girls….All life is precious and needs to be cherished as you have. Love Read More

Sweet Little Belle

Oh Little Belle how I miss seeing your sweet little face. I looked forward everyday to see your posts! You and Irene lifted my spirits each and every adventure. I think your mom  should write books. Happy Birthday to you both. I hope you meet my fur babies in heaven they were awesome dogs just Read More

For the love of Little Belle ?

Dear little love warrior, when I first happened to find your page my heart melted. Ever since then I have loved to come back to read about you and your adventures. The pain from reading about the life you endured until you were adopted by your loving family will always be there but so will Read More

Happy Birthday to my favorite friend

I wish I knew you longer. But in a short time, you seemed to know me as well as anyone. You spoke of the warrior. And you were. You made me want to have that spirit. Just like you sweet girl I have health problems. They didn’t stop you. And your perseverance gives me hope. Read More

My dear little friend Little Belle

Little Belle you touched my heart in so many ways. I will always remember you,RIP my special friend from afar!!!! Read More

Missing You!

Little Belle, I found you by mistake, but make no mistake—once found, you made my life a happier place.  I loved seeing you, your friends, and Irene on all your adventures. Keeping up with you became a highlight in my day and while I did not always write a message on your wall, the message Read More

Beautiful Little Belle

Happy Blessed Birthday Irene & Wonderful Birthday to Beautiful Little Belle. Came by your FB page sometime ago, got completely touch by sweet Little Belle and I became your fan and friend. I appreciate all the wisdom, lessons, courage and above all, your precious and unconditional love that you have been giving to all the Read More

Warrior Princess

I ran across Little Belle by accident while on Facebook. I fell in love with her sweet face and all of her adventures. She showed that even though she could not see she still lived life to the fullest. She was also a fighter and had me fighting along with her. Now that she’s gone Read More

Everytime a Belle Rings

This angel definitely got her wings.  She was not only beautiful on the outside but had a beautiful spirit.   The world just kept knocking her down and she always came out wanting more out of life.  She was truly an inspiration to anyone out there to believe in yourself and keep fighting. She was lucky Read More

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