Day: May 5, 2017

What I would say to Little Belle…

Dearest Little Belle, Just as  your heart is aching so badly for your mother’s touch, so is her heart aching for your touch.  Although you are healthy and free from the pains of your earthly body, right now I know you feel empty and lost without your mom, as she feels empty and lost without Read More

Memorium for Little Belle

Dear Irene, I’m so so sorry for your loss. I can feel what your going through because I too have lost dogs too (Zena and Junior) and I’ve cried for days. I’ve only heard about Little Belle a couple months ago and she inspires me to be free. She also teaches me to never give Read More

Chilling with mummy

The best place ever chilling with mummy at the beach that’s little belle and Irene one special little dog and her wonderful mummy. Every day I look on your page belle you make me smile at your wonderful adventures you go on your a brave little warrior belle and no disability stopped you from doing Read More

Onvoorwaardelijke liefde !!

Little Belle heeft iedereen hoop en inspiratie gegeven om ,als het flink tegenzit, toch door te vechten en vooral te genieten van elk moment. Ik heb deze foto gekozen,  deze zegt namelijk alles,  onvoorwaardelijke liefde ! Read More

Little Belle’s Birthday

Happy Birthday for what should have been a shared birthday. You inspired me and also reminded me of my own lost Fudge. You deserved a wonderful day today, it was not to be but I am sure you are only a heartbeat away from your dearest Irene. Find peace my little angel and gentle girl, Read More

Strength, courage and love

I found Little Belle quite by accident. I dont even remember what I was looking for when I found her. I started reading about her, and was amazed by her spirit. In learning about her, I found the strength, courage, love she has applies to all of us. In her, I started finding strength,courage in Read More

Happy birthday little angel

I saw Belle’s page long time ago and followed your stories with much love, looking at Little Belle going on so many adventures. I learned from her that it is never too late to be happy. She was inspiration to me in so many ways. I lost my dog to brain tumor a month ago, Read More


Little Belle – you always represent  strength, love, and perserverance. To overcome so many obstacles and still be able to love life, family (especially mom) and every adventure you went on. I am so glad you shared all your experiences so others could appreciate having a disability doesn’t mean the end of enjoying all that Read More

Sweet Belle and Irene

You both are such an inspiration of such a strong love and strength. Little Belle will forever live in our mind and heart…she just started her new journey… because… the ones we love never die, they just go before us… Sandra and Amy.   Read More

A light

In a world that seems to have so much darkness,violence and anger you were Love pure and simple .You showed the joy in just being with people we love doing simple things. I see you in my mind enjoying sunlight and flowers. Thanks for being such a powerful reminder of the good side of life. Read More


Dear Irene, Little Belle to me means love.  She is such a tribute to you, as you are to her.  I could not pick just one picture to be my favorite but the ones of you holding her would be in the top ten.  I loved when she talked about being Magic and I believe Read More

On Your Special Day

My Sheba and I will always remember Little Belle as a great fighter. We will always cherish her memories. Happy Birthday! Read More

My love of Little Belle

Little Belle meant love and perseverance. I loved her as my own. I cried my heart to read Little Belle passed on. I loved the beach pictures when she had one eye to the time she was blind. She will always be in my heart. Constance Comstock Baldwinsville NY Read More

Little Belle

Belle, Irene and your wonderful family you have shared, thank you for sharing the possibilities of more…love, friendship, and compassion..Blessing and love..Thank you for sharing. Genaah Read More

Tribute to Little Belle

You are such an inspiration to me. You are beautiful and so full of life. You never give up. All your posts make me feel so good. You see and feel life in a beautiful way. You overcome all challenges and make the world beautiful. You are courageous and fearless. You love to explore and always Read More


Dear sweet Little Belle, how blessed I feel to be a part of your magical world-wide family. I don’t remember when I first found you on Facebook; it feels as if I’ve known you forever. You have made such a huge impact on me, especially in the way I’ve learned to see life as you Read More

Moed, liefde en…

Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Irene ! Helaas is Belle er niet meer om het met je te vieren maar ik weet zeker dat ze dr eigen feestje heeft in de hondenhemel met al haar vriendjes ! Net als zo vele mis ik haar ! Ik werd blij van d’r verhalen en foto’s, vooral die van Read More

Little Belle, bithday wishes..

Dear little Angel Belle, You spread love all over the world, a little doggy with a big heart Rest in peace dear Belle Antoinette Uytdewilligen The Netherlands Read More

To Our Little Belle

We may not have gotten to know you until just past few months but in that incredibly short time Your incredible courage and spirit made everyday a bit better …I was still struggling to put together a promise I made to my BEEZ to do everything I could to educate the world about Animal cruelty Read More

You are my hero

Oh Little Belle. You make my heart sing. You always bring sunshine to my day. Just to see your precious face brings me joy. The love you and Irene share to see how much you love each other is awesome.  I thank you Little Belle for the Magic Fund that I’m donating to, to help Read More

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