Day: May 5, 2017

Remebering Little Belle on her 18th Birthday and Always ♡

Thinking of you beautiful Little Belle today as I do every day ♡ Today you would have been 18 and oh how we willed you to get here but sadly it was not to be :'( We miss you terribly and we will all care for  a d worry for Irene as she is broken. Read More

Sweet Belle

happy birthday sweet Belle in heaven.  How we wish you were still here in out world to hug, cuddly and love. We miss you terribly.  But you are still and always will be in our hearts.  You inspire me to be a better person by. You love and forgiveness for all the terrible things you Read More


Little Belle today you have your first Birthday in Heaven. I have been very upset at your passing and I miss you so much. You meant to me courage and you inspired me by being so brave to had overcome what you went through. You have taught me that we can overcome any obstacle. The Read More

From Paul and Angel in Massachusetts USA

Thinking of Little Belle on her heavenly 18th Birthday….such an unforgettable sweet beautiful girl…such a wonderful triumph over adversity…the beautiful way she showed us all how to make the most of a second chance at life by living each day to the fullest…full of hope love and a wondrous sense of adventure…Little Belle we will Read More

Unconditional love

First Happy Birthday! I have always thought that you were amazing.. .both of you! Irene, you have shown Little Belle unconditional love. I believe she never would have known this if you had not rescued her. If I was having a bad day I would look at your page and see how all the things Read More


little belle was stong she did not let anything stand in her way none of her disabilities i too am disabled and she gives me strengh and courage i wish humans were as smart an acceptable little belle with you along the beach and with her oyher fur friends  i feel it is an honor Read More

Trust and love

My favorite pictures of Little Belle is when she nuzzles Irene’s neck.  It was her complete trust and love of Irene that touched me.   Faith Whipkey; Dover DE; USA Read More


I came accross Little Belle’s page a few weeks ago. At first I was sad to hear how she had spent the first years of her life. But her courage made me strong. I wish Belle a happ birthday, and you too Irene. Both of you are so strong. All of your friends and family Read More

Birthday Blessings Little Belle

You survived a difficult life to then live a beautiful life with Irene and your siblings. Thank you for sharing your celebration of life’s joys with us. Rest well Little Belle ❤️   Lorraine in Texas Read More

Happy birthday Little Belle.

Your adventures with Irene & the whole family were wonderful, & your ability to be so strong for all those years. I love all of the pictures of you, from the ones on the beach to the ones with all of your toys, & the ones where you are simply curled up sleeping, so contended. Read More

Little Belle,

Little Belle, I first became aware of your site early this year. I think I’ve read all your posts and loved  all the beautiful pictures of you, Irene and all your furry brothers and sisters.  You were the first thing I looked for every day. I can’t begin to explain how much I came to Read More

Happy birthday ?

Happy birthday to Littlebelle and to you Irene. I just love this picture of you and little Belle, it says everything about the love you gave each other. It has been amazing to follow you every day… so much love melting my heart. All the best for you and Your family , including the other Read More

Lieve Belle

Lieve Belle Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 18 verjaardag! Ik ken je nog maar heel kort, zag je voorbij komen op Facebook. En heb je verhaal gelezen wat je allemaal had meegemaakt. Ik vond dat zo verschrikkelijk, maar ook blij dat je bij een hele lieve familie terecht bent gekomen. Ik vind het zo mooi Read More

Birthday wishes

Little belle happy birthday. I hope you get to smell all the pretty flowers and get to run around chasing the butterflies. You and Irene helped me to believe that there are true miracles and to look at life more positively. I only found about about you six months ago but eagerly waited for the Read More

Happy Birthday Little Belle

What a special girl you are to be able to unite the world with your story. Such a beautiful journey once you met Irene and received unconditional love. I look forward to your posts and whilst the hurt right now is overwhelming we can only hope we all meet up again one day. Rest easy Read More

We love you

Happy birthday little Belle we love you. You gave us so much inspiration and love. You r in my heart forever.   Gloria Read More

My Dear Little Belle

  Happy birthday my little Angel I know you are in heaven. You were a very special little girl and I miss you so much. You brought sunshine to so many lives. We followed your adventures with Irene (your mom) and your family visiting the dunes and your love of the sea and the tulip Read More

Strong girl

So inspired by such a strong girl. I loved the picture of you running through the grass. You were free and so happy. Irene was your strength. She loves you so much. I  so looked forward to your posted. It seemed like you  could see the beauty all around . You certainly enjoyed your family Read More

Happy birthday Little Belle

Happy birthday Little Belle, today you are 18yrs old. You have been such a beautiful inspiration to me with your strength and courage. You let nothing stop you . I always looked forward to all the adventures you shared with us . Sharing your family too.  So many beautiful pictures of you, and with Irene Read More

Loving Spirit

Little Belle, Thank you so much for your adventurous spirit and for giving us all the inspiration to keep trying and being happy no matter what comes in this life.  Thank you also for being such a great companion to Irene and your siblings.  You are a cute and lovable soul.  Your spirit has touched Read More

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