Month: March 2017

Life is precious… I am a love warrior!

Dear friends, all your amazing support and wonderful  love means so much to me, Irene and my family. I cannot thank you enough for your friendship which is truly magical to us ♥ . I would like to say a few words about something we read. We know that many of you already know this, understand Read More

My current treatment

Since last week, Irene applies multiple times CBD oil and O3 gel on my tumor every day. She also applies colloidal silver. This way, we hope that the tumor first will stop growing and second that it will shrink. In addition, I get Turmeric Golden Paste, also something that shows promising results in dogs with Read More

Update about my health

Dear friends, I receive a lot of private messages about how I am doing and sometimes you can miss some of my Facebook posts, that’s why I will give you the links to some important posts: 2 maart: The first news about my new tumor 4 maart: How I will handle my Facebook page 7 maart: The growth of Read More

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