Little Belle’s new Magic Fund

Today, I was finally able to stop the fundraiser that we set up 2 years ago to help Little Belle with her food and medical costs. I planned to do this for weeks already, but I just couldn’t take this last step. So many memories…
It’s only that I think it is too confusing to have two funds and besides this, also the aim of the fund has changed.

I decided to keep the same name for the fund, which is ‘Little Belle’s Magic Fund’ . The obvious reason is that Belle her magic will continue, now in the most beautiful way to help her family.
You can find the new fund here:  Little Belle’s Magic Fund
The donations will go to Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary and 15% to other charities. You can read more about this and how you can support us, here: Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary

Although the ‘old’ Magic Fund is closed, it will remain visible. This way, all donors can still find their donations, read their and others’ comments and I also love to read them once in a while. So many heartwarming words to our little angel.
The enormous amount raised there is something I sometimes still can’t believe. I knew that people offered to help Belle with her food, but when we started it I could never ever imagine that it would grow this big. Your support helped us more than you will ever know. The costs of Belle her food and medical costs were very high and because of you, it was also possible to get her special food all the way from to U.S.A. to us in the Netherlands.


Little Belle and I thanked you many times, but still, it doesn’t always feel as enough. I hope you feel our warm smiling hearts when we say to you… A very big thank you to all donors for your beautiful donations!
And, we’re also very happy and grateful for the new donations to the Magic Fund for our Sanctuary. Last 2 months, with the emergency surgery of Lulu and with Kintana her operations and treatments, the medical costs ran up to nearly 3000 dollars… So, thank you so much, your love and support for also Little Belle her family is truly amazing.
This all in honor and memory of Little Belle, her magic will never end <3 .

Irene, Little Belle’s mom


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How will we travel to Portugal?


A good question 🙂 After much thought, the pros and cons weighed against each other, we decided that it would be best to travel by car all the way to Portugal! One very good reason for this is because Emi and Kintana will travel with me. If I would choose for traveling by plane, Kintana can be in the cabin with me but Emi will have to go in the cargo and that’s something I don’t want for her at all, she is such a sensitive girl. And another reason is that I like to have my car with me when we are in Portugal, in the end, this also means fewer costs.

For those who’ve missed the story about out Portugal adventure, see previous blog: Our journey continues

This will be our route:

Yes, I know it will be a very long journey 🙂 , about 25 hours drive and this is especially not so very easy for me because of my health. That’s why I will drive maximum 5 hours a day and with lots of rest breaks in between.  Therefore we also have to make 4 stops along the way in order to sleep, eat and rest.
I am trying to find good places to stay but that’s not so easy yet because of the dogs. Two friends already offered a place in their home to us which is so very beautiful! We’re very grateful!
I made this map where you can see at which points (approximately) I would like to stop and at the yellow stars, we already have a place to stay! The last yellow star is not the end of our journey yet, but the home of the former foster mom of Kintana where we will stay for a few days!

Now I have a question, is there maybe someone among Little Belle her friends who lives near the other red dots and you like to offer us a place to stay? Or maybe you know of someone who lives there? That would be really wonderful! You can contact us via:

In about 5 weeks we will start our journey to Portugal, time really flies! There is still a lot of preparation that needs to be done, so it will be busy weeks, also exciting, and sometimes uncertain. I’ve never ever done something like this before in my life, so I can honestly say this is one of the biggest adventures ever. And when I write this, I immediately see my beautiful little angel girl who smiles and says:
“The best adventures are those where you follow your heart! I am with you, all the way!” 


Irene, Little Belle’s mom

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Our journey continues…

Today I would like to share some special news with you that might be quite a surprise, but maybe some people already sensed something after our adventure in Portugal. Anyway, I think lots of you have seen how special our time in Portugal was and a lot has happened since then.
What I never shared with you, because it was not really a current thing yet, is that Robert and I were already thinking of moving to another country for years. But, because of my health, we never took actual steps to follow our dream.

We hear a lot of times that we live in such a beautiful place, why would we maybe leave all this?
One of the things that had a very positive influence on my health was the different climate in Portugal. This really was an amazing discovery. In the Netherlands, during summer time and higher temperatures, we always have a very high air pressure which always causes more pain. Also, the many days with rain and wind throughout the year increases the pain.
We also wish a better environment and more space for the horses. The soil we live on is clay, so with the amount of rain we have here, it gets very easily completely rain-soaked with a lot of mud. We have spent already lots of money to keep the ground good for them, but every year it’s the same story.
Another reason is that where we live now isn’t our property, it belongs to Robert his father who lives in the main house. Robert, I and the dogs live above the stables of the horses.
And last but not least, a very special one, with Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary and my plans to help more dogs in need, we also like to have more space.



Our plan
To be sure that Portugal will really be the best place to go with the dogs and horses, our plan is that I will go back in November and stay there for about 2 months, maybe longer depending on how it goes. I will bring Kintana with me and probably also Emi because she missed me a lot during the weeks I was in Portugal in July.
Thanks to financial support of someone close to me this is possible. It was a big decision though, and I had quite some moments that I was unsure what’s best to do and I can still have these moments. Especially leaving the other dogs at home makes it really difficult for me. But this is the only way to do it, the only way how we can search for a new place to live. Robert will need to work and take care of all the horses and dogs. And in my heart I know the other dogs will feel okay together with Robert, they love him too 🙂 .

In Portugal
In Portugal, I will look into two specific regions, the Alentejo and the Algarve. To investigate and explore different areas and to find out what feels as the best place for us to live.
And one other big thing I want to do in Portugal is starting to write again. To continue with the book where Belle and I had to stop in February this year, the moment when we found the new tumor on her jaw. I haven’t been able to write since then, due to all what happened and so many emotions… And there are so many memories here that I just haven’t been able to start again here. Therefore, I hope I will be able again once I am in Portugal, in another environment and with more time to write everything I still want to write, there is so much to tell (!), with the help of my beautiful little girl Belle.

Of course, nothing is certain yet, we don’t know exactly where it will lead us and maybe we just stay here and we will keep focusing on giving the best care to all our animals. But then we know that we have thoroughly investigated all possibilities.

Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary will stay in the Netherlands as long as we live here and we will continue with the work we do for our own animals and other animals in need. Your support will always be needed a lot, so I hope you will continue to help us.


Little Belle’s spirit
I strongly believe that Belle played a big role in all of this, she was the one who led me to Portugal and only because of her I had and have the courage and strength to follow my heart. So, I think our always very brave adventurer helps me to become one as well…

She will watch over us:

If you have any tips, advice or perhaps you think you can help us, please let us know via: contact

Thank you!

Irene, Little Belle’s mom

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The beautiful destination of your donations to Bianca

Last week, we promised to share with you the beautiful destination of your donations to Bianca shelter in Portugal. Through my Magic Fund, we are able to help with a recent project at Bianca. They are constructing a building for a wonderful and important purpose. This building will be the place for the dogs who need extra (medical) care. As you could see in the pictures in my previous post, they are now living in a very small building in cages. Like this:

They will have more space in the new building and they will also have access to a part outside. In the following pictures, you can see that they are also creating smaller spaces, Ana Duarte (the founder of Bianca) told us this is necessary for the dogs who need to have an enclosed room for a while. For example, when they need their rest, for dogs who are new, for extra medical care… etc. Normally, the doors will be open so they will have more freedom. It will be such a big change for them!

Some pictures of the construction site:

The building in progress


The outside space for the dogs: 

They will make a door in the wall. Behind the wall is the shelter:

Thank you so much for your support!

We are so very happy to know that you are still helping the shelter where I was rescued.  They do such amazing work with all the animals under their care. And what a wonderful purpose we are now being part of. My legacy will live on and my magic will keep helping the animals in need who need all the support they can get.

Once I was there in Bianca…:

Also because of them, I experienced a life I could have never imagined. Because of friends like you, we can make a big difference in the lives of so many animals.

Maybe one day, my biggest wish for all of them, they will also find a loving home and will smile this big!

Little Belle 


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Our visit to Bianca shelter in Portugal

The entrance of Bianca shelter

During our stay in Portugal we, of course, also visited Bianca shelter multiple times. It was on Saturday, July 29th that we met Ana Duarte, the founder of Bianca, who gave us a ‘tour’ and explained a lot about the shelter, how they worked, the dogs and cats in the shelter, the help of friends of Bianca, the situation for dogs and cats in Portugal in general, their daily routine…, etc. A lot of information that really helped us to gain a better insight of the shelter. The work they do there, day in day out, with around 300 dogs and lots of cats, is enormous and says a lot about the compassionate hearts of the people.

Irene made a lot of pictures and we like to share them with you so that you also have a better image of Bianca shelter, especially for all my friends who donated, so you can see who you are helping and how hard Bianca needs all the support they can get.

They have several groups of kennels and in each area, there is the possibility to open a kennel so the dogs in that particular kennel can experience a bit more freedom outside to walk, run and play. Unfortunately, due to the many dogs (300), this isn’t always possible every day, but the people do their utmost best to provide them the best care.

This is the area where Bianca’s office is located. There is also a separate small building for the cats, a special section for the puppies and one for the elderly and sick dogs.

The cats live in a very small building right now, but they will soon have a much better place to stay in a new building that is almost ready:

Also the puppies and the elderly and sick dogs who need more care, are now in a very small building. But they will also have a new place to stay soon and we will tell more about this special building this week because the donations to my Magic Fund will go to this project.

About once a day they will get out of their kennels and can spend some time in this area:

A puppy very interested in the camera:

Ana Duarte with two of the puppies:

A beautiful old little dog who touched Irene her heart and really needs a home:

Also a beautiful older dog who loves attention:

This was on another day, but also nice to share with you. Here we were walking with some dogs of Bianca, together with our friends Ana & Fernando. The dogs loved to go out of the shelter. The brown dog with the large eyes full of fear felt so much better outside, it would mean such a big difference for him when he hopefully one day will be adopted. And this is, of course, a wish for all of them. Although they are all very well taken care of, it’s still heartbreaking to see them live like this…

Can you see me?


Here I am! It was amazing to visit the place where I once was rescued and spent my first few weeks in freedom. I know it meant a lot to my Irene too, to be finally able to see Bianca Shelter and met all the beautiful animals and people. People who are working very hard to make a difference in the world. Together we can create change and magic for all the animals who need our help.

Thank you, my friends, who help to create a world full of love, compassion and magic.

We are all sentient beings


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