Day: May 8, 2017


Sweet Little Belle and Irene, I came across Little Belle and her story on youtube, and started to follow her on Facebook. I have seen many many stories on youtube about dogs, rescue dogs, dogs with sad life stories, and all stories are so beautiful. But Little Belles was something different, as I watched the video Read More

To sweet Little Belle

That video is so beautiful, Little Belle, that I couldn’t help but cry. I’m so grateful I found your story on The Dodo and was able to connect with you here the past few years. I have enjoyed your daily adventures with Irene and the rest of your wonderful family. ☺ I love you, my Read More

Dear Irene and Little Belle -Special Angels

Read More

ik ga je nooit vergeten kleine meid

ook ik heb heel je verhaal gevolgd ,en met tranen alles gelezen,je had een prachtige mama irene die je zo veel liefde heeft gegeven,jullie hebben samen een leuke tijd gehad ,jammer dat jullie niet meer tijd samen hadden ,maar je bent nu aan de overkant waar er veel speelgenootjes zijn,ik zal je nooit vergeten litle Read More

Lieve engel Belleke

Toen ik Belleke voor het eerst zag voelde ik een warm gevoel . Toen kwamen tranen bij het vernemen van haar levensloop . Dan las ik hoe zij omringd werd door pure liefde van jou Irene . En dit liet me niet meer los . Elke dag keek ik uit naar een berichtje . En Read More


lieve kleine Belle , een voorbeeld van kracht en liefde , getekend door het leven , maar zoveel moed en dapperheid , ik zal jou altijd blijven herinneren lieve kleine schat , een fijne verjaardag hierboven , ook een fijne verjaardag voor het baasje xxx Read More

To remember beloved Little Bell

Dear Little Bell, this is my favourite pic! You see and fell the sun for the very first time. You are smiling and laughing. Irene loved you the much, their was no pain, only love in the end. You have been so strong. Moreover the most important thing in your life, you have had a Read More

Little Belle, little sunshine

Little Belle was and still is a sunshine to me, every picture of her makes me smile. Just to see how good things in life beat the bad things made me happy. Belle showed us that after every raindrop there will be sunrays again. When there is love, no handicap or imperfection matters, only the Read More

Little Belle, you…

Little Belle, you overcame adversity through being loved. You never gave up and shared your love to inspire all of us world wide. Irene, although I know your heart is broken I believe you were Belles angel on earth and now she is yours in heaven. Your life with Belle is a story that inspired Read More

Little Belle , Little Angel

Little Belle is now truly a little angel in heaven ,you may have had a bad start in life but WOW what a Beautiful Place and family you ended up with… you touched so many lives in many different ways , and reminding me everyday that there are beautiful people still left in this world Read More

What a treasure

Little Belle, what a Treasure you are.  I started following you not soon enough but long enough to know you are Special.  To me, you mean Love in its purest, simplest form, love that is everlasting, that will never fade, a love that you and Irene had and will continue to have.  A Love that Read More

In Memory of Little Belle

Sweet Little Belle…you’ve brought out the best and so much love from all around the world.   Run and play with old and new Rainbow friends.  Enjoy the sunshine, the beach and the flowers.  Forever in my heart.  See you again someday….with much love to you and your family, from Shelly Lucas, Westbank, BC, Canada. Read More

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