Sweet Little Belle and Irene,

I came across Little Belle and her story on youtube, and started to follow her on Facebook. I have seen many many stories on youtube about dogs, rescue dogs, dogs with sad life stories, and all stories are so beautiful. But Little Belles was something different, as I watched the video my eyes was in tears. As I followed her life with all her friends among flowers and love, to the beach, the sea, the sun, it was a story like a fairytale, so beautiful. For me Little Belle will be in my heart the rest of my life, I will remember this litte girl with warmth and love.

For me Little Belle is the inspiration to how you can do so much good in this world. How a little dog lived a life to the fullest, you couldn´t have known she was blind, or had had terrible life before she came to Irene. We could follow her true all the wonderful adventures she had, how she enjoyed every minute of them, and so did we.

For me Little Belle gave a whole new meaning to the word warrior, she was a true Little magical warrior with a big heart. She has tought me that life can be so beautiful, and that these sweet lovely animals always trust humans, no matter what they have been through. What you gave Irene, was the most honest, true and beautiful lifestory of a little warrior with a big heart, a little dog that had a wounded soul. a soul you healed with love and trust.

For me the favoite word was warrior, she was a little warrior of love and strengt.

Thank you Irene and Little Belle for all the adventures we could share with you everyday. Thank you for the stories you told us, the feelings you shared with us, the ups and downs. You where the sweetiest little dog I have met Little Belle, you made everyday a magical day 🙂

I miss you Little Belle and I will miss you always, but I know you are not gone from Irenes side, you are there with her, you two were meanth to be together where ever you are.

With love,

Pia Lindqvist


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