Day: May 7, 2017


That’s the only thought I have just looking at the two of you. May love be with you always❤ Read More

Happy Birthday Love Warrior

Dearest Irene, What a beautiful idea and way for us to remember Little Belle.  And what a wonderful way to help all of us heal.  So much love from and for a little dog – our Love Warrior. What does Little Belle mean to you?  To us Little Belle means LOVE.  And so many other Read More

Thank you

Little Belle, I want to thank you for always being so brave, generous, positive and uplifting and for always touching my heart with love.  God bless you, your Mom, Irene, Robert and ALL of your brothers and sisters. Love, Diana Kriehn Read More

Two Lovely Souls

Little Belle touched my heart, as did you Irene as to how living  you both were to each other. Little Belle lived life to the fullest when she got to be with you. Oh the adventures you two had. I will always remember how she was so charismatic and your words were so tender. She Read More

Our precious Little Belle

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, Little Belle!  Happy Birthday Irene! What can be said about our precious Little Belle that hasn’t already been said!  From the moment I started following her on Facebook, I fell in love with her.  She is absolutely beautiful inside and out and has a real zest for life.  I Read More

My Sweet Little Belle

Dear Little Belle, The very first time I saw you on FB I fell in love with you. You caught my attention that fast. After that I could not get enough. I could not wait ro get on here and read about your fun days and just to look at you. I deeply miss you Read More

Little Belle

Sweet little Belle, the story of your life touched me so deeply. I shed many tears for the pain you were forced to endure in your short life. I am so happy that Irene found you and that you  and  that you were so deeply cherished and adored. I have learned so much about puppy Read More

A special friend

Happy birthday little belle my gorgeous fur and paws friends from across the sea. You where the bravest four legged friend anyone could of wish for. Your heart was as big as the ocean moon and stars… R.I.P Little belle xxxxx Happy birthday Irene sending you love and hugs xxx love from annie ringwood Read More

Sweet Little Belle

My sweet Little Belle you are an inspiration to so many. You lived a long life and endured so much in your earlier years but you got through it and when you found your mum Irene you blossomed and lived life to the full. You didnt allow your health issues to affect any part of Read More

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