Hope and love

Happy Birthday to our Sweet Angel, you have taken a world of discord to a world with hope and love.  A precious little Love warrior you have touched the hearts of so many people around the world and helped people be kinder and more loving.  You have given us days of laughter, your joy of the oceans, the smell of wonderful flowers and your loving family.  We have traveled with you and your mom and wonderful siblings on your magical adventures.  We rush to our computers to see what new things were happening in your life each day, then finding out your illness was taking you from us and your mom.  Belle you were so happy with your mom and we are going to miss you, but you will always be in our hearts.  I pray for you and your family every night.  I have cried my heart out because I lost my little one and I know the pain your mom and family are going through.  I look to the heavens and find the brightest star and know you are watching down on us with love.  We Will Love You Always sweet Belle and we miss you so much, I cry everytime I think of you but know you are happy in heaven running and jumping and playing with all your new friends.  Thank you Irene for giving us Little Belle she will always be part of our family and Belle wille always be in our hearts.




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