Day: May 10, 2017

Zoveel liefde

Lieve Little Belle, Jij hebt mij geraakt, zoals eigenlijk bijna niemand dat ooit gedaan heeft. Je maakte iets bij mij los wat ik niet kon en nog steeds niet kan verklaren. Ik hield en houd van jou van een afstand. Ik weet zeker dat je een mooi leven hebt gehad en ik hoop dat je Read More

Precious Little Belle

You are a true inspiration to so many. You taught us the meaning of living your life to the fullest each and everyday no matter what obstacles you face!! You had no FEAR even though you lived in total darkness you let your sense of smell be your guide!! You gave unconditional love and felt Read More


You are wonderful Read More

Little Belle

I looked forward to seeing the posts about Little Belle every day. She will be missed by so many people, but especially Irene and Robert and her dog family. After having such a hard life, she found love. RIP Little Belle xx Read More

We Love You Little Belle

RIP Little Belle. You are loved and will be missed by so many…and while our hearts are sad that you have moved on from this world we will never forget the inspiration and joy you spread while you were here. Thank you Little Belle. Read More

Little Belle

Little Belle ,I miss you so much,you were a inspiration to all of us,,you taught me to never give up on life,,and what you ment to me,,well when I first saw you I fell in love with you,Little Precious Belle I would love to say to you,you were an awesome little Princess,you brought such joy Read More

A smile

I looked forward every day to what adventures sweet Belle was doing. She always had fun with her family. She brought a smile to my face and would share with my coworker.  I have her sweet calendar I look at everyday. I was sadden to lose her and not make her birthday.  Belated birthday Irene, Read More

For some happiness

Sorry for being late but I cant’ write in english on my phone as well as on my computer. Little Belle, I discovered your story some years ago and was wounded as I found it strong and sad but thanks to Irene’s big love, you saw the light which gives happiness to people. You show Read More

Beautiful, enchanting

Beautiful Enchanting Lived life Loved Eternally missed Dawn x Read More

The Face of Love

The first picture I ever saw of you and Irene spoke to me…it said “This is the face of love!”. I could literally feel the connection that the two of you had, and although we never met, I felt that I had a connection with you as well. Your story…your beautiful warrior spirit…spoke to my Read More

Little Belle, Little Star

Little Belle your stories made me forget all the bad things that were happening in the world. You made me smile. Little Belle, a little sweet star in heaven now. R.I.P. sweet little girl. Marry   Read More

Little Belle

Little Belle you captivated so many hearts around the world by just being you. You will never be forgotten you will always remain in our hearts. Irene provided you the most love and made you comfortable to the very end. I was so grateful to Irene for sharing you with us on your adventures in Read More

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