Why we both had to let go…

Dear friends, I know that many of you are wondering why we had to let go our dearly beloved Belle. Although we knew the day was coming, it still happened very suddenly.
Today it’s 3 weeks ago that Belle passed away and the past weeks, I wasn’t able to write about the reason why and it’s still very hard since it brings so many deep emotions.

It started in the weekend before and then it went so unbelievable fast…. First, I have to go back in time a little bit. Maybe you remember from videos or pictures that Belle always used to eat her food from my finger, that’s how she always liked it and well, me too. It was always such a joy to watch her enjoying her food.


About 2 weeks before her passing, suddenly she couldn’t eat the way she always did. Because her tongue was more on the side of her mouth, she wasn’t able anymore to lick the food from my finger. I felt desperate because I realized that this maybe already meant the end. I looked at her and asked her what I could do to help her. A familiar expression appeared on her face, the one when I can see her thinking, my wise little warrior. All of a sudden she bent forward and began to lick her food all by herself! A miracle! I laughed with all my heart and at the same time I saw her smile and felt her spirit that shone so brightly. She wasn’t ready yet.

On Saturday, April 22, I noticed that a bigger part of her tongue was hanging out of her mouth. It was, and still is, such a shock how fast this tumor grew, so very aggressive. And the fact that we could do nothing about it to stop it, was the most heartbreaking feeling ever. Of course, I did everything I could, in consultation with vet Paula who is specialized in cancer, but still, I felt completely powerless when I saw the enormous growth rate of the tumor.


To see my little girl, my everything, to feel this enormous love for her, and at the same time not being able to help her, was devastating…
That evening she had more difficulties with licking her food. I hoped it was just once, maybe she wasn’t so hungry. But the next morning, it was still the same. She could still eat, but that day the amount of food she could eat was much less than usual. And she was already very skinny, the cancer ate away all the energy of the food, of her body. She was losing weight fast.

On Monday morning, it became even more difficult for Belle to eat. I tried everything to help her, also with a syringe, but it didn’t work. At one moment she leaned against my chest and she laid her head against me in a way that I, with a heavy heart, knew what she was telling me.
It was that moment I knew I had to make the most difficult decision.
I called Paula and first I thought we had to make an appointment that same day, but Paula said we could have one more day together and then it would be time. Belle was still okay and that was also the hardest part of it, that she was still alert and happy, still the same, my little beautiful Belle.
I had no idea how I could possibly let her go the next day when she was like this…

Tuesday, on our last day together, as you all know, we went to the beach together. One more time. And it was magical…
On the way to the sea, I sensed that Belle seemed more tired, but when I opened the door of our car, she stuck her nose in the air and smelled the scents she always loved so much. And standing in front of the sea, with Belle in my arms, she was intrigued as always by all the sounds and smells.


We looked out over the sea, but most of the times I looked at her, feeling a love so deeply that words could never reach. I was, and still am, forever and ever, so immensely grateful and happy that she was my beautiful, most precious girl.
On our way home, we also stopped by a wonderful tulip field where we had some very special moments as well.

At home, I needed to lie down for a while, so we rested in bed together, like we always did for so many times. It was then that I noticed a change in Belle, she was all of a sudden so very very tired. I had never seen this before. And although it was very hard for me to see and feel, I knew that she was preparing to go…
We always communicate with each other in our own special way and it was evident that she wanted this last day with me, to experience the sea one last time, to fully feel all these very special moments on this day in our body, heart, and soul together.
And then she told me it was time. We both knew that it was exactly the right time…

One day I will write more about the moment we had to let go of each other.

Irene, Little Belle’s mom ♥


P.s. I’ve received questions about why the tumor couldn’t be removed. Of course, I discussed this with Paula very thoroughly, but the fact was that the tumor was also growing in Belle her jaw. It was impossible to remove the tumor or a part of her jaw had to be removed as well. And that wasn’t an option for Belle anymore. Even if it had been an option, the chances that the tumor would grow back were very high due to the very high aggressiveness of the tumor.

/ Little Belle

My brand new very inspiring video

Hello my friends,

I have a very special new video that I would like to share with you all. I know this video will touch your heart and probably some tears will flow… Happy tears for me, for my family, for life, for love  .
I’ve been through a lot, but there is one thing I’ve learned the most, to live life fully. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so embrace life today and feel the love, joy and magic. Life is beautiful!

Please, feel free to share my video. That would be wonderful  .


/ Little Belle

Life is precious… I am a love warrior!

Dear friends, all your amazing support and wonderful  love means so much to me, Irene and my family. I cannot thank you enough for your friendship which is truly magical to us ♥ .

I would like to say a few words about something we read. We know that many of you already know this, understand how my family and I live our lives. Still, we like to share this, not to defend ourselves but just to give our perspective on life. We believe and feel strongly that life is precious and of equal value to all sentient beings, not matter how ‘different’ or how old you are.

Love is letting go…
That’s what people sometimes write or say. My mom Irene and I have two answers to this:

  • Yes, when it’s time.
  • No, when it’s not. Then, love is holding on with all your heart, fight for life.

I will let Irene know when it’s time and until then I will enjoy each and every moment of my life. I am not suffering, this tumor doesn’t cause any pain. And it seems very obvious to me that Irene won’t ever let me suffer.

Growing old is a precious gift. And sometimes we get terminally ill. But that doesn’t mean this is immediately the right time to say goodbye. We don’t let beloved ones go because of fear of suffering. Fear for something that’s not even there yet.
It also doesn’t mean that we can’t try to fight the cancer. We never give up just because I am old. To us age makes no difference at all.
It’s not about the prolongation of life, it’s about the value of life itself. When a dog (or human) is still enjoying life, why would you take that away from them?

Yes, my time on earth may be over in 2 weeks, 3 weeks…,  we just don’t know. That doesn’t mean we can’t fight. And it’s not that we fight from fear, anger or despair. We fight with love. I am a love warrior! ♥

Little Belle


/ Little Belle

My current treatment

Since last week, Irene applies multiple times CBD oil and O3 gel on my tumor every day. She also applies colloidal silver. This way, we hope that the tumor first will stop growing and second that it will shrink. In addition, I get Turmeric Golden Paste, also something that shows promising results in dogs with cancer.
We also try to help my body become less acid because cancer thrives in an acid environment.
Further, I get a lot of supplements, based on homeopathy and phytotherapy.

Update March 22:  I get an extra supplement that has very positive reviews, you can find more explanation about it here: K9 Immunity
Also, people asked us about where they can get the O3 gel and there is one factory in the Netherlands that makes it, see: Health Factory . We can’t buy it directly there, but only in stores that sell these company’s products.

We know that there are many more natural treatments, Irene also did a lot of research, but for now this is the treatment that we will follow.

Some friends asked if surgery or radiation is possible, but this is unfortunately not an option because then I need to go under anesthesia, for radiation even several times, and that’s not an option anymore. And even a surgery will not take away all the cancer cells, that’s impossible with these kind of tumors.

We hope that this will give me more time. I’m feeling well, my appetite is good and I enjoy life every day! I think my pictures and videos give you enough beautiful impressions of this.

Little Belle


/ Little Belle

Update about my health

Dear friends,

I receive a lot of private messages about how I am doing and sometimes you can miss some of my Facebook posts, that’s why I will give you the links to some important posts:

2 maart: The first news about my new tumor

4 maart: How I will handle my Facebook page

7 maart: The growth of my tumor and about a smile…

Thank you for all your wonderful love and support, it means more to us than you will ever know…

Little Belle


/ Little Belle
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