Little Belle’s Magical Birthday Auction

Dear friends of Little Belle,

On May 5th next year, it would have been Belle her birthday. To me, this will always we be her birthday, just as it is mine, forever celebrated together.  In honor of my dearly beloved little angel, I would like to do something very special this day. With your help.

Together we can create a beautiful day of celebration, of Belle her life, of who she was and still is, and what she means for so many others around the world. And by doing so, we will help and support other animals with their care. Therefore, I would like to organize an auction, where the proceeds will go to Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary (see website) and a certain percentage to other charities. This auction will only offer items that are related to Little Belle, so items with her name on it, her picture, or in other forms.
All in memory of our special little warrior .

I would like to invite her friends to bring items in, maybe you can make something yourself (I know Belle has many friends who are very creative  ) or perhaps you can let items made by someone else, by asking them to make something special for the auction.
If you have/know something, please send an email to , then I can add you to the list with the item(s) you like to donate.

A few weeks before Little Belle her birthday, the auction will first only open for showing all the items. A few days before Belle her birthday, the auction will be opened for bidding!

Would you like to be part of Little Belle’s Magical Birthday Auction?
Belle would love that 

Little Belle’s mom


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