Inspiring warrior

Little Belle was an every day pleasure and joy to follow.  She inspires me by being a warrior.  After all those years in a puppy mill she came out strong and able to enjoy life every day.  She teaches me to be in the moment and not take time for granted.  I love all her pictures as they tell her story.  I would like to say to her that I miss her and that she made me smile every day from the first day I read her story.  I’m so glad she got to live and enjoy her life and was so loved.  Thank you for sharing her adventures and life.


Little Belle should be a poster dog for rescue – what a beautiful dog – touching hearts all over the world – you changed her life in so many ways with your love for her Irene and that is the biggest gift any of us can give and receive ❤️

Beautiful Girl

Darling Little Belle, a beautiful puppy.
In a world gone mad
You have the ability to make everyone smile.

Love to you all

X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X says all I want to say, Vita.

Little Belle taught me…

To never give up

Little Belle

  • ???????My Dearest Belle , As I Already wished you a Happy Birthday and wrote a post for you I will continue it with what I feel..I feel love ? from the moment I Saw your beautiful face, I felt it inside that special feeling you Keep me going, after my Haley, you give me strength, because you are such a warrior, a fighter, I could not have survived without you, you are the meaning of the word Love, it’s my honor to have met you and Irene. She is the meaning of Love also, she Loves with her whole?, like I do, with my Haley, she I say is too, my world, because when you meet that special someone they touch your heart furever.So I not only say Happy Birthday again but thank you, without you, I just don’t know if I would have had the strength ..I Love the picture of you looking out into the sea from behind, your taking all of life in, with all your senses, your thinking what a wonderful world this is I believe, I love when you say, I am a warrior, I believe you mean too that you are a warrior of Love, you have so much to give, your heart is full. That’s why I hope you keep your page up, you always had something of beauty to say, of the simplest things in life we take for granted, you made me appreciate life more My Little Belle???

Little Belle’s 18 birthday and Irene Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Little shinny Star ? and to our Beautiful Irene?Because it is your passion and Little Belle’s Magic fund,you will find your gift on your fundraising page.?
This is the most beautiful fund I have ever seen and done with love❤️
Beautiful stories for every baby,videos?details on the fund ,address,birthday….?
You are a passionate strong women and I hope you will continue one day with Little Belle funder of the magic fund!
You are both in my heart and all your family!
Love you <3 ?

Suzanne Monette ??

Dear Irene and Dear Little Belle

Despite these dark times, congratulations with your birthday most beloved Irene. Dear Belle, you are ALWAYS with us. Love, Robert

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