Little Belle an Angel Dog

Little Belle, I cried when I found out you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are in a happy place, and you will run to greet Irene when her turn comes. You remind me of myself, Little Belle: we both had a rough start early in life, but found love and happiness later on. Irene opened her heart to you, and you blessed her with your unconditional love in return. You touched thousands of lives Little Belle, and we are all better people for loving you. Hopefully, we can follow your example and be brave, kind, and full of wonder at this marvelous world. I will miss you, Little Belle!

A special journey

Little Belle, the first time I saw your little face I fell in love with you.  Reading your posts, seeing your pictures, watching you enjoy your outings with Irene & your friends always brightens my day.  I look at your calendar every day and remember you with love.  You & Irene shared a special journey with us.  I thank you.


Jo Sisson

Always close.

Oh, beautiful.

Your departure is difficult, but I know that now you are happy running in the sky. Now you make others happy. You mean a lot to me, because you taught me that to love there is no distance or Language. You taught me many things: to be a warrior, to be sweet, to laugh, to cry, to be patient to know your adventures day by day.

You and Irene are magical. You’re not gone and you never will.

Now You are light and hope. Your page will last and your friends Benji, Simba, Stefan and all others will be responsible for telling your adventures, so you will be present and never forgotten.

My heart is broken and my tears sprout. But it’s out of love. I did not have time to visit you, but I know that someday I’ll see you.

Enjoy the Presence of God that He loves you more than all.

Every time I see a tulip in my Country you come to my mind. Do you know that in Costa Rica tulips are not grown? The same I see you in every flower. I see your beauty. I love you forever. A huge kiss, my love.

Nuria Campos Sánchez.




I am so sorry for the loss of Little Belle. I had begun following you two a few months ago, and I feel so lucky I had the opportunity to see Little Belle’s posts, even for a short time. I can’t even imagine what this loss is like for you. Since Little Belle’s journey to the rainbow bridge I can’t get through a post of you and her without crying. My heart just aches for both of you. The photo above is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with the world. You and Little Belle have impacted so many people in so many amazing ways. You’re right, she will be the brightest, most beautiful star that is shining in the sky. I send you my deepest heart felt sympathy.


Jenn and ?

Little Belle s meaning

Little Belle was chosen as an angel to live here on earth to show others what unconditional love really means. Irene loved her that way, and Belle loved all that way.  What Belle accomplished is a miracle! To bring so many from around the world together in love for a courageous soul is transforming–for all of us sharing her adventures. She will never be forgotten.

Irene, you should have someone design a commemorative coin with her image, and sales of it would go to support other endearing souls find each other as you and Little Belle did.

Grace unto you two forever.

Karlyn Kamm, ocean ridge, fl


Precious Little Belle

Little Belle, you were such an inspiration to thousands of people. Your memory will always be with those of us who followed your journey. Also loved and always remembered❤️❤️❤️ Much love always, Kim Neal

Once in a lifetime

If you’re very lucky, you get that once in a lifetime soul dog, a dog who touches you in a way no other has. Little Belle was that dog for people across the globe. For those who don’t have a dog, she was theirs with every adventure. Those who lost their own soul dog, she filled a void. She related to each person in the way they needed. She saw so much, but without sight, she felt the caress of the breeze and the smell of flowers and the sea, but didn’t see them. Yet she tasted them, heard them,  felt them on her skin. But most of all, she loved her Irene. That bond lasts longer than life, stronger than death, to infinity. As long as we remember Little Belle, she lives on. Sleep well little darling, your essence is in the flowers and the sea and on the breeze. Always loved, never forgotten ???

Judy H.

Dag lieve kleine Belle

Steeds keek ik uit naar de lieve, grappige foto’s en verhalen van jou lieve Belle. Ze getuigden van moed en liefde. Nooit zal ik jou en je lieve mama Irene vergeten. Je hebt een indruk op mij en velen met mij gemaakt die niet meer zal verdwijnen. Jij deed me beseffen hoeveel ik van mijn 2 eigen hondjes Bambi en Bibi houd en van mijn overleden lieve hondjes Balou en Bobo. Run free lieve little Belle, speel, ren en ben gelukkig daar achter de regenboog! Altijd in ons hart..
Liefs Coby Rozema

My dear little angel

My dear Belle,

you showed  us what is really important in life: Love and friendship, to see the little things in the world, to enjoay the moment, 

Do not mourn the past, do not be afraid of the future. You little, dear dog have more effect in your life than so “important” man on this earth. You made the sun shine a bit brighter …
NUn you had to go .. and we thank you for everything and miss you very much. But we also give you your new life in heaven .. I believe firmly in it!
Little Belle …. I’ll never forget you !!!
Watch out for your mom and send her a sign that you’re okay.
Little star … shine brightly in the sky, and show us the way which you showed us on earth.

I love you Belle
yours Gundi

The “Gift”

I’ve not known you “little Belle” for really long. Actually I simply stumbled across a FB posting about you.

I’m a mid-aged little lady who was also rescued, but from a “kill” shelter for dogs when I was 2 years old. I have been in my forever home for 6 years. I have no physical restrictions (except for my weight)as you did, but my experiences of being homeless was quite frightening.

Iknow there’s a reason my life’s journey sent me in the direction I have landed. And even with the unimaginable hardships you endured fate was always in your future. That is when you met your “hooman” mom who has always and will always endlessly love you ….. and I know that you are still with her; the past yesterdays, today and all the tomorrows…time doesn’t exist between you…you were always meant to be in other’s lives and hearts …. And you will be again.

The MOST ultimate thing you taught me is LOVE….that it does exist. That differences truly have no hold on you when it comes to this miraculous emotion between two species that so many others believe impossible. And that it will always last no matter what happens!!!! It’s truly a miracle and a GIFT.

I Love you, Little Belle……that is what “Little Belle” means to me

From your loyal, furry friend, Grace (my “hooman Mom sometimes calls me “Gracie Mae).

P.S. She also loves you with all her heart

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