Strength and unconditional love

for me, little belle means STRENGTH and unconditional LOVE. reading about what she has gone through in her past is heartbreaking, but….. it led her to you, irene, the best mother anyone can ask for and a life worth living!  love renee and molly


  • Yenisei

    Little Belle, I only knew about you for a short time and you’ve already had such a big impact on me. You and your mommy Irene are the definition of love, compassion, acceptance and perseverance. I think of you often throughout the day and although your loss saddens me, you also bring so many smiles. You and Irene have inspired me to see differently- abled and senior animals in such a different way. You taught me that it is never too late to provide love and open my heart to an animal that needs it. Your mommy Irene posted a picture on April 26th where she is holding you, you can see the immense pain she feels and your head resting on her chest. This picture pulls at my heart strings because I know what it means to deeply love a pet and I can only imagine the pain Irene felt. All your words, pictures, quotes and your sweet angel face have touched me forever and today on yours and your mommy Irene’s birthday I would like to say that, I don’t know where pets go when they die but that’s exactly where I want to go. Happy Birthday Irene and Happy Birthday sweet angel Belle.

  • Sandra West

    Happy Birthday Irene and little Belle, one of the things I learn from Little Belle was her sweetness and compassion and how gentle and loving she was with her loving family. Every time a new fur brother or sister would join the family she was there to embrace them with her calm way that would let the new comer feel safe. She was a strong little loving soul and she brought so much peace and meaning to life to me when I would turn to her page. I would say that she was our magical get a way from our real life into her adventures journeys. I miss little Belle so much and my heart aches for her but I know she is in much better place now and I thank her and Irene for letting me and all of the world be part of her life.

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