Little Belle inspires all of our tomorrows

There are people and then there are people. There are dogs, and then there is Little Belle. I’ve been blessed with the love of my pets in just the same way that Little Belle touched all of us. She was and will continue to be, such an inspiration to so many. She overcame so much, and yet had nothing but love to give.

I especially love seeing pictures of Little Belle at the seashore. Because I live so close to the ocean and visit there frequently, there seems to be a connection from one shore to the other. Little Belle’s ways of smelling the air, raising her head to sense what was around her, being with her family, and most of all, being in your arms Irene, are what is most memorable to me.

She just “knew”, she just “sensed” she just “was”. She loved being with you. As do my babies.  They never go far from me and I have two shadows whatever I’m doing every day. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some people need to be anyplace but home; I NEED to be home most of the time. My fulfillment is here.

This birthday may not be a very happy one Irene, and I wish you a Happy Birthday anyway, but Little Belle inspires all of our tomorrows. Never let that lesson go away. From New Jersey where the sea meets the sand, where the dawn’s sun rises every day, amidst all the traffic, commotion and craziness that life can throw at us, I will treasure always seeing Little Belle where she loved best to be: against your heart Irene.

I know Little Belle will be in my heart forever. See you on the other side, sweet!


  • Camille

    I am so sorry to hear about little Belle, I also have lost 4 my little babies three of them have passed in my arms, but my last angel I had to make that decision and it was the most horrible thing I ever had to do, but my Toni was so tired and they had to send him home. Please keep in touch with me I really can’t talk no more because I could hardly see from crying. I’ve not only list my banies but I’ve lost my husband also

    • Little Belle

      I am so sorry for your deep losses, Camille. Heartbreaking… I can only wish you much strength and I hope that you have family and/or friends who are there for you. Love <3

  • Linda

    I have loved reading little Belles story Irene .Though very sad for the loss of such a beautiful angel , this is such a heartwarming story of rescue, love and hope . What an absolute little trouper Little Belle was with you at her side Irene , what a wonderful adorable and very special friendship indeed ! How very blessed you have been that she was yours to love so much . Clearly you are enjoying her special gift to you of wonderful memories of days and special times you have spent together . Thank you for all you do irene and your family to help and rescue these dear souls.i continue to follow all your stories on Instagram . Thank you much love to you allLinda

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