Stefan is home!

Yesterday, Friday, February 19th, Stefan arrived at our home, his forever family! It was in already in the evening when he arrived, so we met each other in the horse stable, there we had light and warmth. The first meeting went very well, everyone was very gentle and was exploring the new situation on their own way. Some were smelling on the ground, others were watching from a distance or doing their own things. I was close to Irene and I smelled Stefan nearby. He smelled at me too and it felt okay, I think he is very soft.

Inside Stefan stayed the whole time nearby his wheelchair, the one thing that is known to him. He did not dare to lie in the soft basket. Irene sat down next to the basket and told him a story about us and how we all love the soft basket. She touched it with her hand, felt the softness and after a while he got curious and came closer and finally he lay down. And then…. went to sleep ♥



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