Meet our new friend Stefan!

On facebook I promised yesterday that I have very special news… and this beautiful strong little guy will be joining our family soon! ♥


Normally we wouldn’t adopt another dog so quickly after Twix, but Irene already saw Stefan in early November last year and a while ago we suddenly received a message that he was ready for adoption and for traveling! So, after carefully listening to her heart, Irene decided that Stefan can come to live with us. We love him and he will be a wonderful new family member.  

He is almost 6 years old and at the moment, he lives in a foster home in Serbia. His hind legs are paralyzed, probably caused by a hard blow or a car accident. About one year ago he was in a factory in Serbia where puppies were poisoned. Other dogs were attacking him and he couldn’t defend himself or find food to stay alive. He was found in the dark and really scared. They made x-rays and it was obviously that he had a spine injury. The damage caused pressure in his spine and this was painful, so he was operated. They also hoped that this hind legs would improve after the operation, but that didn’t happen. The most important is that he enjoys life and with us he will continue to love and live life fully! We can’t wait to meet him and welcome him into our family! ♥


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